October 1, 2022


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The Teacher’s Diary Film Review, The Struggle of Teachers Who Teach in Remote Areas

The Teacher’s Diary is a Thai film released in 2014 and directed by Nithiwat Tharathorn. This film is played by Laila Boonyasak (Bu Ann) and Sukrit Wisetkaew (Pak Song).

This story begins when Mr. Song applies for a job at a school as a sports teacher. However, the position of sports teacher at the school has been filled. Finally, the principal offered Mr. Song to teach at the floating house, a small school in the middle of the lake.

Because he wanted to get a job, Mr. Song finally accepted the offer. He immediately moved to a remote village where the floating house was located. After arriving there, he did not find a single student who entered the school. It turned out that the students did not know that the teacher had arrived. Finally, Mr. Song went to his students’ homes one by one by motorboat to inform them that the school had reopened.

Not as he expected, it turns out that there are only five students in the floating school consisting of four boys and one girl.

While looking for an eraser on the blackboard, Mr. Song finds an old diary. It turned out to be a diary belonging to Mrs. Ann, a teacher who taught at the floating house before her.

Mrs. Ann initially taught at a public school, but because of the star tattoo on her hand, the principal gave the school a choice between removing the tattoo or moving to a remote teaching area. Not wanting to remove her tattoo, Mrs. Ann prefers to move teaching in a floating house.

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Together with Gigi, her friend who is also a teacher, Mrs. Ann teaches at the floating house. However, Gigi couldn’t stand it because the floating house was too scary for her, such as finding a lizard in the water faucet hole and finding a corpse under the bathroom that directly connected to the lake, but Mrs. Ann chose to stay teaching there.

On the other hand, Mr. Song is almost discouraged by the behavior of his students who are quite naughty and always expect Mrs. Ann’s presence at school. However, Mr. Song was again made optimistic and became enthusiastic about teaching the five students after reading each page of the diary written by Mrs. Ann. Feeling in love, Mr. Song also plans to find the owner of the diary in the city.


Like Rainbow TroopsMovie The Teacher’s Diary also teaches us how important education is. The film, which is spiced with comedy, makes the audience not feel bored, coupled with the funny behavior of the students. The Teacher’s Diary has an interesting plot and is not long-winded so that the audience is guaranteed not to be bored. For those of you who like Thai films, you must watch this film!