December 6, 2022

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The Story of a Woman in Hijab Working as a Teacher at a Buddhist School, It’s been 8 Years

Indonesia is a multicultural country with various tribes, religions and cultures. The diversity possessed by Indonesia makes its people prioritize the principle of mutual tolerance.

The beauty of a life of mutual tolerance is experienced by this veiled woman. Through the GA YouTube channel, a woman named Destri shared her story of being a teacher at a Buddhist school.

In the beginning, Destri taught as a teacher at a Buddhist school, which was offered by his older brother who taught there. Destri, who had just graduated from college at the time, tried to apply for a job there.

He was accepted as an Indonesian teacher at a Buddhist school for vocational students. Now he has been teaching there for 8 years.

Destri admits that she feels comfortable teaching at this Buddhist school because the students are very close to her. Not only students, but the parents are also close to him.

Even the parents of the students proposed to the school to allow Destri to use the hijab as a form of religious tolerance. Indeed, when she first became a teacher at a Buddhist school, Destri did not wear a hijab.

“That’s why I’m close to the parents of the students, often play games. The parents finally proposed to the foundation. There are Muslim teachers too, yes, we are allowed to tolerate Muslim teachers who are allowed to wear the hijab,” said Destri in a podcast on the GA YouTube channel as quoted by, Thursday (16/6/2022).

Incidentally, in her second year of teaching, she had a desire to wear a hijab. Her wish is supported by a new Buddhist school regulation that allows Muslim teachers to wear the hijab.

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Teaching for 8 Years in a Buddhist School

Mrs. Destri is an Indonesian teacher at a Buddhist school. (YouTube/ GA)

While teaching at a Buddhist school, Destri learned a lot about religious tolerance. For example, when there are Buddhist students wearing white clothes at school because they are in a period of mourning.

Destri as a Muslim teacher is there to honor his students in times of mourning by wearing clothes in unobtrusive colors. While mourning the parents of students who died, Destri also learned about their Buddhist habits.

The tolerance that Destri feels is not only that. During the month of Ramadan yesterday, his students actually invited him to break the fast together.

Netizens who watched the story of Destri teaching at a Buddhist school for 8 years gave positive responses.

“Des, this is my favorite teacher. Invited to play at her house and taught me how to cook, ma’am,” said one netizen.

“Greetings to the students,” said another.

“This is my teacher when I was in vocational high school, calling him first, mamski, it’s really fun, I swear, Mrs Des,” Another comment that was taught by Mrs. Destri.

“That’s great, Mrs. Destri, success is always Mrs. said another netizen.