October 6, 2022


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The Spy: Undercover Operation, Husband’s Fear of Wife’s Espionage Action

Being an agent who works for the state really has to be good at keeping all his identities secret.

This is very reasonable, because by keeping all the identities of the agent a secret, he will indirectly protect the safety of his family, and also keep the state secrets entrusted to him.

But unfortunately, regarding the secret of identity, Chul Soo’s agent must be willing to be a husband who is afraid of Young Hee, his wife.

Film The Spy: Undercover Operation which was released in 2013 tells the story of the adventures of a tough agent owned by South Korea named Chul Soo (played by Sol Kyung Gu). As an agent, Chul Soo of course has to hide his identity from anyone, including his fierce wife, Young Hee (played by Moon So Ri).

The impact is, the tasks carried out by Chul Soo sometimes have to experience problems because his wife suddenly contacts him, or just nags because he feels that Chul Soo’s job is just playing around and doing things that are not clear.

However, Chul Soo accepted this gracefully, and made him an oppressed husband figure when he was in front of his wife.

One day, agent Chul Soo gets an important mission from the country, to dismantle an international criminal syndicate in Thailand.

In order to avoid his wife’s suspicion, Chul Soo then said goodbye to travel to Busan for business purposes, when in fact he was going to fly to Bangkok, Thailand.

But unfortunately, the mission could not be carried out smoothly because his wife, who works as a flight attendant, was also on duty to fly to Bangkok.

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As a result, when Chul Soo and his partner department head Jin (played by Ko Chang Seok) conduct a reconnaissance action in Bangkok, they have to be disturbed by Young Hee’s arrival there.

What’s more, Chul Soo’s concentration was broken because his wife met a handsome and athletic plus romantic man named Ryan (played by Daniel Henney). So, while carrying out his duties, Chul Soo also investigates who this Ryan really is.

Well, want to know how Chul Soo’s actions in completing the mission and also investigating the true identity of this Ryan? find the answer in the movie The Spy: Undercover Operation this is it guys.

Even though this is an action and spy-themed film, you will find many funny scenes in this film. So, it is very suitable if you watch this film when you are late and want to get really fresh entertainment, without having to think about the plot of the film.