August 18, 2022

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The seconds the pole of climbing pinang fell on the motorbike until it was destroyed

Panjat pinang is one of the competitions that is always presented during the celebration of the independence day of the Republic of Indonesia. Long before, areca nut climbing was held, usually residents would work together to build poles for the competition.

Recently there was a video of the poles for the betel nut climbing competition falling on the motorbike until it was crushed. The video was uploaded by the social media account Instagram makassar_info.

“Fortunately no one is sitting on the motorbike,” wrote the uploader as a description of the upload as quoted by, Friday (24/06/2022).

Video footage shows residents gathering in a field. Several adult male residents were building poles for the areca climbing competition.

The poles used are large and have a height of more than the roof of the house. The residents who built the poles for climbing areca nut were divided into four teams.

Two teams are tasked with pulling the pole from the front. One team is behind to balance the pole to be drawn.

Another team is in the middle holding the post. When the pole was pulled by the two teams who were in front there was a heartbreaking incident.

The seconds of the Areca Climbing Pole Falling

The seconds of the areca climbing pole fell. (Instagram/ makassar_iinfo)

Allegedly because the pole was too heavy, residents were unable to hold it up when it was pulled. As a result, the pole tilted to the right and fell.

The pole hit a motorbike parked in the field. The motorcycle was crushed by being hit by a large pole quite hard.

Until this article was compiled, the video has already received 320 thousand views on Instagram reels and 10.8 thousand likes. The video caught the attention of netizens who were watching to write various responses in the comments column.

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“Fall to the grand prize,” said one netizen.

“Why are motorbikes always the victims?” said another.

“All of a sudden everyone fell silent.” other comments.

“Just about to be hanged as the main prize,” said another netizen.

Several netizens wrote an analysis of why the pole for climbing areca nut could fall.

“That hole is not deep enough,” netizen’s response.

“It’s a mistake for those who want to set up climbing areca nut, why is the rope being pulled on only one side?” said another.