September 27, 2022

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The Schoolgirls Compete With The Sound Mechanics With The Chasing Dogs, The Ending Is This

Dogs are one of the animals that are easily found around us. However, not a few people are afraid of dogs.

I was so scared when he saw the dog just ran away. Talking about it, there is a video that is busy on social media.

The video shows students being chased by a dog. One of these videos was uploaded by a social media account Instagram ngakaksehat.

“A powerful combo scream repel asw,” wrote the uploader as a description of the upload as quoted by, Saturday (18/6/2022).

Video footage shows students wearing scout uniforms. The students seemed to be still in the school environment.

Seven students are seen standing at the bottom of the stairs. Their eyes turned to the outside of the school.

Suddenly a group of students rushed into the school because a dog was chasing them. One student who was in the far right corner also ran away.

However, not with the other six students who were still standing at the bottom of the stairs. The six students hugged each other against the wall under the stairs.

They took cover there so the dogs wouldn’t come. They also screamed loudly.

Their screams made the dogs chasing their friends stop there. The dog was frightened to hear the screams of the six female students.

Even the dog is scared

Even the dog was scared because the girls screamed loudly. (Instagram/laughs)

As a result, the frightened dog immediately turned back and ran out of there. Friends who were on the top floor witnessed the incident made to laugh out loud.

Just six hours ago, the video has already garnered 400,000 views on the reels and 20,000 likes. The comments column for the video was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens who watched it.

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There are netizens who imagine the words of the dog if it could talk. Not a few netizens were surprised by the screams of the six students.

“Dog: you weren’t invited,” commented one netizen.

“Dog: I’m not doing anything, why are you screaming asw,” added another.

“Fortunately not the screams of the mothers,” said another.

“The voice of a schoolboy’s heart” said another.

“Ultimate women are not playing,” another netizen said.