December 1, 2022

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The Rude of Behavior of Balinese Tourists to Local Residents Infuriates, Orders to Smoke 3 Sticks to Wipe the Sexes for Content

The action of tourists in Bali again grabs attention. Still etched in the public’s memory the action of angry Caucasians refusing to pay bills, now another sad news is sticking out.

Recently, two male tourists were filmed harassing and insulting local residents. Video uploaded by @niluhdjelantik account.

Viral behavior of Balinese tourists to local residents makes angry

In the video uploaded by the activist figure, you can see two tourists coming to the picture craftsman. The tourists said they were studying art in the Thai area, but the incident apparently took place in Bali.

The two tourists were observed asking one craftsman to draw a male genitalia. He did not stop there, he also asked another local resident who was at the location to smoke three cigarettes at once.

The tourist action was recorded to be made video content on Instagram. Worse yet, male tourists wearing black T-shirts intentionally wore women’s bras outside of the T-shirts.

Seen in the video, the viral tourist kisses the forehead of a local resident. He was also observed telling the resident to wipe the genitals. The tourist was previously seen giving hundreds of thousands and five thousand to the man in the blue shirt who followed his request.

“Does anyone know where they live? Tourists like this should be informed. For the content of urinating on the villa bed and now treating the father with such humiliation,” write the account @niluhdjelantik.

Angry Warganet

The video which was uploaded on Saturday (23/9/2022) then invited various responses from netizens. Some netizens said they were furious to see the tourists’ actions.

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“Sorry, if I may comment, please reprimand the father too, not just because of money, he humbles himself,” said one netizen.

“Every day there are more and more strange tourists,” a netizen commented.

“Really, the creator’s content is not of their quality,” another netizen said.

“It’s really strange, people like that have millions of followers, just hearing his voice, he’s really lazy! Haven’t seen his behavior in the video, he’s tacky and very low class,” another netizen replied.

“Sometimes a snare using the ITE Law can it be tourists who create ridiculous content?” add another.

As of this writing, the video has been liked thousands of times with hundreds of comments from netizens.