September 28, 2022

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The Rise of Borobudur Temple Entrance Fees as a Mitigation of the Overtourism Phenomenon

The tourism industry in Indonesia is increasingly widespread in international circles. According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) there has been an increase in the number of international trips in the last decade. UNWTO also noted that Indonesia’s revenue receipts from the tourism sector increased from 13.1 billion US dollars (US) to 14.1 billion US dollars in 2018. Indonesia has a variety of exotic and fascinating destinations, including natural tourism, cultural tourism and interesting and very diverse history. .

Therefore, Bank Indonesia stated that tourism is the most effective sector to increase Indonesia’s foreign exchange, because of the many and varied resources that are already available in the country. (Sutanto and Setiadi, 2019)

The existence of the Overtourism phenomenon is a signal for the government to change tourism governance. Overtourism is a condition where the number of tourists in a tourist destination is considered too high by local residents, so it starts to feel disturbing. When public spaces and public roads become congested because of tourist vehicles, when wildlife is increasingly afraid to appear, when tourists fail to see the landmarks of a destination due to being too crowded, or when the environment starts to deteriorate, these are all signs of overtourism. (Winarno, 2010)

The news of the rising price of admission to the Borobudur Temple building has caused controversy among the public. The ticket price to go up the building is priced at Rp. 750,000 for domestic tourists and US$ 100 for foreign tourists, which is considered very expensive. The reason is, the government has its own reasons, namely as a mitigation of the overtourism phenomenon. In 2019, the number of visits for a year reached 4.39 million people, which means the daily average reached 12 thousand people.

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The number of visitors to the temple building that exceeds its capacity can certainly threaten the sustainability of the conservation of the historical site of Borobudur Temple. Therefore, the price of an expensive building ticket is expected to limit visitors who want to go up a building where the number 1,200 is the load-bearing capacity limit. In addition, visitors who are too crowded will cause a decrease in the experience obtained by tourists, damage to nature, threatened cultural heritage.

However, the government needs to review the policy on the high price of building entrance tickets. The quality of tourism needs to be improved rather than the quantity of tourist visits. The natural beauty and unique cultural heritage of Indonesia are state assets that need to be sustainable both from an economic and environmental perspective.


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