December 2, 2022

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The Myriad Benefits of Gotu Kola Leaves for Skin Health, Hydrates Skin

Centella asiatic may still not be so familiar in Indonesian society. But, what if the name gotu kola leaf? Have you heard of it?

Gotu kola leaf is one type of plant that grows wild which is often used as a herbal treatment that is passed down from generation to generation.

Gotu kola leaves also have a myriad of benefits that are good for the skin, this is because gotu kola leaves contain triterpenoids, asiatic acid, asiaticoside, madasiatic acid, and madecassoside which are good for skin health.

Summarizing from Hellosehat, Klikdokter, Alodokter, SehatQ and Halodoc, here are some of the benefits of gotu kola leaves:

1. Reduce acne

Centella asiatic or gotu kola leaf has a function to help inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause acne on facial skin.

The presence of madecassoside in gotu kola leaves functions as an antimicrobial, and can help in inhibiting inflammation caused by acne.

2. Accelerate wound healing

The triterpene content in gotu kola leaves is useful for accelerating the wound healing process, especially burns, post-operative wounds and diabetic wounds.

With the triterpene content contained in gotu kola leaves, it is able to increase collagen production. Collagen production is very important in accelerating the wound healing process.

3. Moisturizing skin

Gotu kola leaves can also make the skin moist naturally. In a study, it was stated that using a lotion or cream that contains gotu kola plant extract, can help in maintaining skin moisture and dealing with dry skin.

Gotu kola leaves are also very good at helping prevent and also treat irritation to the skin, this is thanks to the content of antibacterial substances in it. In addition, the content of antibacterial substances contained in gotu kola leaves is also able to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the skin.

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4. Hydrates skin

In gotu kola leaves there are lots of natural bioactive ingredients such as triterpenoid saponins, phenolic acids, flavonoids, amino acids, treterpenoid steroids, and sugar.

Thanks to this content, the skin is protected from exposure to free radicals, overcomes inflammation, prevents evaporation of water from the skin’s epidermis layer, and helps in retaining water content for longer in the skin.

5. Anti aging

The benefits of gotu kola leaves after being processed into skincare are able to prevent premature aging.

This is because the gotu kola plant contains the active compound Madecassoside and also flavonoids.

These compounds work as antioxidants that can neutralize the damage caused by exposure to free radicals as well as exposure to sunlight and pollution.

Well, those were some of the benefits of gotu kola leaves that are good for skin health, hopefully it will be useful.