September 28, 2022

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The Motorcycle Driven by This Man Makes Salfok: The handlebar is like having a car

Modifications in the automotive world are commonplace for lovers. Vehicle modification is an art in the automotive world.

One vehicle that is often modified is a motorcycle. The social media account Instagram talkshow_ngakak uploaded a video of a motorcycle with a unique handlebar modification, Saturday (11/06/2022).

The video footage was taken by a car passenger who happened to be passing the same road. The attention of the passengers of this car was focused on the motorcyclist who was on the left side of the road.

The motorcyclist was riding with two people. The thing that caught the attention of the car passengers was the modification of the motorbike ridden by the two men.

The reason is that the handlebars of this motorcycle are totally modified so that it doesn’t look like the original. Motorcycle handlebars are similar to the handlebars on a car.

The handlebar no longer extends to the side like on a motorcycle in general. The green and pink motorcycle handlebars are circular.

The man riding the motorbike casually drove his two-wheeled vehicle. He did not show significant difficulty driving a motorcycle with a circular handlebar.

The motorcycle also drove in a balanced manner without being affected by the modification of the handlebars into a circular shape. The unique part of the motorcycle handlebar circle does not have a gas pull to control the engine.

Similar to Car Handlebar

Unique motorcycles have handlebars similar to the handlebars of cars. (Instagram/talkshow_laughs)

As a result, raises the question of how the handlebars of a motorcycle are circular. Placed where the gas pull to control the motorcycle engine. Do you know where the gas pull is?

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Just uploaded a few hours ago, this video has already gotten 93.3 thousand views on Instagram reels. The comments column for the video was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens who were watching.

“The gas’s in the legs like,” commented one netizen trying to guess the location of the motorcycle’s gas pull.

“My neighbor’s gas was changed at the brake handle, yesterday I forgot to brake so I gasped,” another response.

“Just watching, not thinking,” say another.

“When I’m confused where to gas it, I’m even confused about how to brake it,” another asked.

“When you have a motorbike but you are used to holding the steering wheel,” another netizen said.