September 24, 2022

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The moment of RI’s 77th Anniversary, Here are 5 Games Made in Indonesia that are Known to the World

Not many know that the game industry from Indonesia is also able to compete at the international level. This game is no less cool than made from abroad.

There are already many games from local developers who have fans from abroad. Starting from the horror genre to simulation. For those of you who don’t know, here is a game made in Indonesia that is worldwide.

1. DreadOut 1 and 2

DreadOut is a horror game from Digital Happiness. The first series of this game was released in 2014. In fact, there is also a movie made based on this game.

In summary, this game will take players on Linda’s adventure in search of answers, redemption, and acceptance of her role in stopping humanity’s greatest threat.

2. Motte Island

Motte Island is an adventure game that has a bit of horror to it. The game’s main character takes on the role of an assassin trying to save his little sister.

This game is made by a studio called OneAperture. The game development team actually consists of several people located in 3 different countries, namely in the United States, England, and one from Indonesia.

3. Ultra Space Battle Brawl

Developed by Mojiken Studio, this game offers the concept of a pong game, with battles taking place in outer space.

In addition, there is a battle essence dressing with steroids. As for the graphics, Ultra Space Battle uses cartoonist 2D however, with some cool and eye-pleasing fighting effects.

4. Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story

This game is a simulation game with adventure from Agate Games. In it, players need to build structures, facilities and manage student activities. In addition, there are also the adventures of some students in exciting missions to follow.

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5. Coral Island

Coral Island is an unreleased game from Stairway Games that is getting great attention from the simulation game lover community. But fans must be patient because this early access game will only be released in October 2022.

For those of you who are game fans, you should also enjoy local productions, which are certainly not inferior to those made from outside.