August 18, 2022

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The Miracle of MUA’s Hands Makeup in the style of 80’s bridal make-up makes you gawk

Bridal makeup trends every era will always be different. Bridal make up of the 80s, 90s, early 2000s, and now has its own characteristics.

Talking about bridal make-up trends, recently an MUA tried to challenge herself to apply 80s bridal make-up. By uploading a short video on Hajimunperias’ TikTok account, he shared the 80s bridal make-up process.

“Recreate 80s bridal makeup,” he wrote in the video as quoted by, Monday (01/08/2022).

The MUA originally featured a photo of a bride with 80s makeup. The bride’s make-up was striking.

The bride wore a bun with bangs on her forehead. Eyebrows are thin, long, and black.

Bright white powder, eye shadow, and bright color blush and bright red lipstick. The MUA immediately put on her face like this 80’s bridal makeup look.

First, he shaped his eyebrows to make them thin, long, and black. Second, she applies makeup with foundation and bright white powder.

Third, she worked on the lids with three eye shadow colors of brown, pink, and gold. Fourth, she made up the nose with shading in the style of 80s bridal makeup that was clearly visible.

Fifth, she worked on the eyes, starting from thick black eye liner around the edges of the eyes and thick false eyelashes. Finally, she smeared her lips with bright red lipstick.

The result is jaw-dropping

80s bridal make-up. (TikTok/ hajimunperias)

He then changed into a typical Indian wedding dress. The results of remaking bridal make-up in the 80s successfully made me gawk.

Her makeup has a more captivating look than the 80s makeup photo examples shown at the beginning. Netizens who watched the MUA video gave various comments.

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“That’s still too good, sis.” a netizen commented.

“Even more beautiful and nice brother,” added another.

“Why is it even more beautiful on you?” said another.

“Less bangs, say,” other responses.

“It’s not wrong if mothers have eyebrows like that, they used to get married like that,” another netizen said.

So far, the viral video has been viewed 871.9 thousand times.