August 8, 2022

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The Mediation of Wild Cat Feeding Cases Has Ended, This is the Response of the Deputy Head of the Kebon Jeruk District

Following up on the results of the mediation carried out by village officials, representatives of residents and officials regarding the case of the prohibition of feeding stray cats in the Green Garden area finally yielded satisfactory results.

The reason is that on Friday (24/06/2022), the mediation carried out between the two parties agreed that feeding stray cats is still allowed as long as it meets the applicable requirements.

Quoting from jktinfo, Taufik as the Deputy Head of the Kebon Jeruk sub-district said that “It is permissible to feed cats because actually every religion teaches to love and love animals.” However, he advised those who feed the stray cats to keep the environment from getting dirty.

The mediation was attended by the Lurah, residents of RW 03 Green Garden housing and the Cat Lovers in The World shelter community which is located at the West Jakarta sub-district office.

Taufik added that actually giving food to stray cats is not a problem for residents, it’s just that residents want the stray cat feeders to be responsible for cleaning up cat food leftovers so they don’t pollute the area.

Previously, there were many circulars on social media about the ban on feeding stray cats in a residential area in West Jakarta. Suddenly the news made animal lovers flock to condemn the act.

Taufik as Deputy Camat also regrets the circular, because the contents of the circular tend to be tendentious and force residents not to feed stray cats. Therefore, it is hoped that in the future, if you want to make some kind of letter for the public to be consulted first, so that similar incidents can be avoided.

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Hopefully in the future the parties who feed stray cats can pay attention to the cleanliness of the place where the stray cats are fed, so that no party feels disadvantaged from the feeding activity.

Finally, with this mediation, hopefully there will be no more similar incidents and hopefully all parties can take lessons from every incident that occurs in social life.