September 27, 2022

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The Man Crying So Much Because His Cat Is Missing Even Makes Thinking Hard

Pets can be used as friends for their owners. No wonder the owners really love their pets.

Every day, the first thing you meet when you get home is your pet. Speaking of pets, recently there was a video of a man sad because his cat was missing.

In the video uploaded to the talkshow_ngakak Instagram social media account, this curly-haired man expressed his sadness at the loss of a pet cat. The man told the story while crying on a motorbike that was running.

She wept bitterly because she was very sad that her cat was gone. Her tears didn’t stop flowing as she spoke.

The man asked anyone who saw his cat to tell him.

“Anyone who sees my cat, please tell me, my cat is gone,” she said while crying as quoted by, Tuesday (14/06/2022).

After saying the one sentence request he was silent and then wiped away the tears. This man did not continue his story about how the characteristics of his missing cat.

Don’t mention the characteristics of the missing cat

This man is crying because his cat is missing. (Instagram/talkshow_laughs)

This of course makes it difficult for people who want to help find the male cat. As a result, netizens have to think hard for themselves to imagine what the characteristics of the male cat in the video are.

“At least mention the characteristics,” write the talkshow_ngakak Instagram account that re-uploaded the video.

“What is the shape of the cat hmmm?” said another netizen.

“Oh, I’m sad, uncle, the problem is the characteristics of the cat, I don’t know,” added another.

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“What are the characteristics, sir?” asked another netizen.

Not a few netizens feel sorry and feel sorry for them because they know how it feels to lose a favorite pet, it’s really sad.

“I’m sorry to see it, but how do you want to help it?” said the netizen.

“But it’s sad, because I’ve felt it so I can’t make fun of him,” said another.

“I feel you bro, hope to see you soon,” another said.

“But it really hurts to lose a cat, you know,” another netizen said.

Until this article was compiled, the video has already received 125,000 views on Instagram reels and more than 5 thousand likes.