May 30, 2023

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The house mocked like a goat cage, this migrant worker managed to silence the neighbor’s mouth, here’s the story

Getting ridicule often makes someone hurt because they feel that way. Moreover, the ridicule that came from the neighbors right and left.

That’s what once felt by a TKI who was determined to work abroad because he was hurt to hear ridicule from neighbors who said his house was like a goat’s cage. Through an upload on her TikTok account 89tintinaja, this woman told me that she was determined to try her luck in Singapore.

He was hurt by the neighbors who mocked his parents’ house, which was said to be like a goat’s cage.

“Until someone said my house was like a goat’s cage at that time, it wasn’t sad, it was sad,” he said as quoted by, Saturday (29/10/2022).

He is in Singapore working hard to be able to renovate his parents’ house to be magnificent. In the first six months of working in Singapore, he felt uncomfortable and asked to go home.

Her parents were confused because they couldn’t do anything when she asked to go home. He also changed his mind to keep working hard in Singapore in order to change the circumstances of his life.

His struggle was not in vain, his determination and hard work while working in Singapore managed to silence the mouths of his tough neighbors. He managed to renovate his parents’ house into a nice big house.

His originally simple house turned into a nice house in his village of Ponorogo. He even built his parents’ house into two floors. He felt very grateful to be able to make his dream come true.

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“And in the end I managed not to be luxurious but thank God,” he said.

The video of his struggle story has gone viral and has now been viewed 5.2 million times. Netizens gave positive support to this woman because she managed to change her fate and that of her family.

“Money above all dear, work hard so people can’t insult us,” one netizen responded.

“That’s true, sis, that sometimes they forget that one’s fate can change,” the woman replied.

“Keep your spirits up, sis, let people’s insults become a whip of enthusiasm for success,” said another netizen.

“I’m ready, thanks for dropping by,” he responded.

In another video, he goes on a home tour to show his new home according to netizens’ requests. He said that his new house had not been filled with many items because the money had already been spent on renovations.

He managed to build his own new home after 4 years of working in Singapore. In his first year of work, he did not get any holidays at all.

He shared information for netizens who want to work in Singapore like himself, through PT PJTKI. He only brought the required administrative documents in the form of ID cards, family cards, birth certificates, and diplomas.

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