August 8, 2022

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The End of the Tiny World: The Sad Story Behind the Revenge Mission

Movies “The End of the Tiny World” which was adapted from a novel by Kaoru Yukinari and directed by Yuichi Sato officially premiered in 2021 with Avex Pictures as the distributor. This film features Takanori Iwata, Mackenyu Arata and Anna Yamada as the main characters.

Film The End of the Tiny World tells the story of three friends who grew up together since childhood, namely Kida (played by Takanori Iwata), Makoto (played by Mackenyu Arata) and Yocchi (played by Anna Yamada). The condition of the three who no longer have parents makes their relationship so close and close like brothers.

One day, after they were in high school, Kida told Yocchi that he loved her. When he was little, Yocchi loved his two best friends so much that he thought of marrying the two of them and living a happy life together. However, Yocchi who grew up realized it was impossible to do.

With a heavy heart, Yocchi rejected Kida, because Makoto had already confessed his feelings to Yocchi and the girl accepted him. Even so, Makoto also means a lot to Kida. He tries to hide his feelings and supports Makoto and Yocchi’s relationship.

After graduating from school, Makoto and Kida work in an auto repair shop. Makoto tells Kida that he intends to propose to Yocchi. They also planned a beautiful surprise for the moment. However, just before the plan was implemented, an event occurred that ultimately changed their lives.

Not long after, Makoto resigned from his job. He disappeared and Kida did not know his whereabouts. The owner of the workshop also had to lay off Kida, because his workshop would be demolished for a road expansion project. However, before Kida left, his boss gave him the address of an illegal business company that he felt could hire Kida and be a way for Kida to find Makoto.

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Kida also managed to get a job as a negotiator in the criminal world and sure enough, she managed to find Makoto who turned out to be raising money to become the CEO of a company for a mission of revenge. He also asked Kida for help to achieve this goal. Will Kida agree to it? What exactly made Makoto take revenge and who did he want to do it for? Watch the sequel in the movie The End of the Tiny World. Enjoy watching!