September 27, 2022

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The Difference between Divine Glaive Items and Genius Wand in Mobile Legends

For those of you user Mage players in Mobile Legends, of course you can already identify well what mage items are suitable for use by your hero while in a match. However, even though we already know the functions of these items well, sometimes we are still confused about the difference between one mage item and another because at first glance they have similarities.

Yep, one of them is Divine Glaive with Genius Wand. Although these items are both penetration items, make no mistake. Even though the Divine Glaive and Genius Wand can penetrate the enemy’s magic defense, they have different uses in certain situations and conditions.

Therefore, so that you can distinguish between them and know when to use the Divine Glaive, and when to use the Genius Wand, take a look at the explanation of each Divine Glaive item with the Genius Wand below as follows.

Divine Glaive

Divine Glaive Item Illustration (Mobile Legends)

This item with a price of 1970 gold can give your hero the following abilities: +65 Magic Power, +35% Magical PEN Attribute, and Passive Skill: Each enemy’s Magic Defense will increase Magic Penetration by 0.1% when dealing damage him, is limited to 20%.

This Divine Glaive item will be very suitable when given to Mage heroes who have attacks with Burst Damage types such as Eudora, Aurora, Kagura, Vale and others. Because, with Divine Glaive which has high magic penetration, the burst damage from the heroes can enter and penetrate instantly into the opponent’s defense.

For the use of this item, besides being more suitable for use by Mage with Burst Damage type attacks, it is also worth considering what defense items are used by the enemy. Due to the passive of Divine Glaive Spellbreakerwhich increases magic penetration based on the number of magical defense items the enemy has.

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the conclusion is, if the enemy hero buys a lot of magic defense items, for example like Oracle, Cursed Helmet, Tough Boots, Radiant Armor, Athena Shieldand others, then magic penetration obtained from passive Spellbreaker Divine Glaive’s property will be higher so that the damage we inflict on the enemy will penetrate a lot through the enemy’s magic defense and make your hero’s damage hurt.

Moreover, if your team’s hero composition uses a hero with all magic damage, the enemy team will automatically buy a lot of magic defense items, especially Tank heroes. Well, this is when Divine Glaive will be very victorious.

Divine Glaive can counter from Athena Shield items which have a passive in the form of Shield, which can reduce magic damage taken by 25%. Thanks to the Divine Glaive attribute that can give +35 Magic PEN to the hero who wears it, the Athena Shield’s passive can be slightly penetrated.

Those who feel the benefits of this Divine Glaive Item are your heroes and enemy heroes who are affected. Because, this Divine Glaive item will only provide Magic PEN and will not lower the enemy hero’s magic defense status. So, if you are followed up by a team of heroes with magic damage, then your team’s hero must pass the magic defense of the enemy hero.

Genius Wand

Item Genius Wand Illustration (Mobile Legends)
Item Genius Wand Illustration (Mobile Legends)

This 2000 gold item can give you the following abilities: +75 Magic Power, +5% Movement Speed, Attributes: +10 Magical PEN, Passive Skill: Dealing damage to enemy heroes will reduce their Magic Defense by 2-9. This effect lasts for 2 seconds.

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Heroes that are suitable for using this Genius Wand item are heroes who have poke specialists or who can repay enemy heroes’ HP constantly with short cooldown skills such as Nana, Valir, Gord, Lylia and others. Because, by using this Genius Wand item, every poke skill that is affected by the opponent’s hero owned by these heroes can at least reduce their magic defense.

Besides this item is suitable for use by mage heroes with poke specialties as mentioned earlier, the use of this item must also pay attention to what defense items are used by the enemy team.

Unlike Divine Glaive, which depends on how many defense magic items the enemy buys, the penetration will be higher as well. Genius Wand is the exact opposite. This item will be suitable for use when the condition of the enemy hero does not buy many magic defense items. For example, the enemy only buys Radiant Armor or Cursed Helmet and Oracle items, then the Genius Wand is a suitable item to penetrate the magic defense of these items.

Genius Wand will be very soft to Fighter heroes who are usually made semi Tank builds. Because, this semi-Tank Fighter automatically consists of 2 items of damage and 2 items of defense or something else, so the use of the Genius Wand will be very successful in these conditions.

However, if the enemy uses the Athena Shield item plus other defense magic items, then it is better to use Divine Glaive. Because, Genius Wand will be less able to penetrate passively from Athena Shield. Or you can combine Divine Glaive with Genius Wand if you feel the need.

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This Genius Wand item can counter from Radiant Armor items which have a passive in the form of Holy Blessing, which can reduce magic damage received by 3-10 points scaled with level. Thanks to the Genius Wand passive which can reduce 2-9 points of magic defense belonging to the opponent’s hero to scale with your hero level, it can compensate for the Radiant Armor passive earlier.

Unlike the Divine Glaive, which benefits only the item holder, the Genius Wand can be used for the entire team. Because, this item can lower the status magical defense enemy heroes. So, if there is a hero on your team who has a magic damage type as well, they can follow up on you and easily overthrow enemy heroes.

Well, that was the explanation of each item between the Divine Glaive and the Genius Wand. At first glance it looks similar, but after being reported, the two items have their own circumstances for wearing them. In your opinion, what is the difference between Divine Glaive Items and Genius Wand other than the explanations described above? May be useful