October 1, 2022


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The Dean’s Moment Hugs Mother to Replace the Graduation of Her Child Who Dies

Graduation is a moment that is eagerly awaited, especially for students and parents. At that moment, students will invite their parents to attend the graduation ceremony together.

This is done to celebrate graduation has taken a bachelor’s degree. However, not all graduation moments are like that.

In the viral video uploaded to the underc0ver.id Instagram account, it shows a touching moment of graduation. A mother replaces her child who has died for graduation.

Siti Fatimah Fajrin, a prospective graduate of UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, passed away one month after holding a thesis trial. The late Fajrin was replaced by her mother at her graduation ceremony.

When her name was called, the mother came forward to meet the dean who graduated. The dean who was on the stage immediately came down to the mother of this Fajrin graduate.

The female dean hugged Fajrin’s mother warmly. The dean seemed to strengthen Fajrin’s mother, who was proud to replace her daughter at the graduation that day.

The moment the dean hugged Fajrin’s mother was very touching. The dean even kissed Fajrin’s mother on the cheek.

It didn’t stop there, the dean took Fajrin’s mother to take the diploma given by the man beside the stage. Before going home, the dean stroked Fajrin’s mother’s back to strengthen her.

After the Thesis Trial, His Son Dies

Mother replaces the graduation of her child who died. (Instagram/ underc0ver.id)

Only then did the dean invite by showing directions for Fajrin’s mother to come out. The look in Fajrin’s mother’s eyes could not be covered, she looked sad that her beloved daughter had just left.

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This video caught the attention of netizens who were watching to write down their responses. Warganet gives prayers and encouragement to Fajrin’s mother. Warganet also applauds the attitude of the female dean who understands the feeling of losing the mother of Fajrin’s graduate.

“Hopefully, the mother will be given courage, thank you, Mrs. Dean, for comforting the mother of the student,” a netizen’s prayer.

“Slice onions, tears spill, may the deceased be Husnul Khatimah,” said another.

“An example of a dean or professor,” another said.

“The dean of women must also feel sad, O Allah, a mother left her child,” another netizen said.

Until this article was compiled, the video upload had received 3,723 likes from Instagram users.