September 28, 2022

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The boy asked his father who was washing his bed linen, his reaction made him laugh

Taking care of young children requires extra energy for both parents. Especially if the child likes to wet the bed.

It will definitely add to the work of parents to wash the bed linen and dry the mattress that their child has been irritating. Recently, there has been a lot of conversation on social media between father and son discussing bed linen used for bedwetting.

The video was re-uploaded by the Instagram social media account id.photobook. Video footage shows the father washing the used bed linen that his son has wetted.

My father washed the sheets manually by brushing them. Bed sheets that are exposed to bedwetting are spread on the floor and then moistened with water and given soap to brush.

When the father was washing the sheets suddenly his son came to him. The son without guilt even asked what his father was doing.

“Nyapo yah (why yeah)” asked the boy.

“Opa opo umpolmu kui (what’s wrong with washing your bed bugs)” replied the father while brushing the bed sheet.

“Why is there one person (Why is it only one)” said the boy casually.

“Lha atek sopo smells good (Who wants to help)” said the father.

The Boy Doesn’t Feel Guilty

The boy’s reaction irritated his father. (Instagram/id.photobook)

The boy then asked his father again about the mother who was not seen at home.

“Mother coded (where is Mother)” said the boy.

“Lungo neng Arab (Going to Arabia)” said the father in an annoyed tone.

“Oh yowes (Oh yes already)” the boy responded without feeling guilty.

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Until this article was compiled, the video has already received 622 thousand views on Instagram reels and 15.7 thousand likes. The video commentary column was immediately flooded with various responses from netizens who were made to laugh with the boy’s innocent reaction.

“After washing, watching the video, the child must have laughed at his father’s own laughter,” commented one netizen.

“Why wong 1, how funny is that,” said another.

“Children of today” another said.

“Oh my gosh, the laughing doesn’t stop, min: oh yo wes,” say another

“Haha the father is really good, the child is relaxed, boo asked. I am the one laughing amused,” another netizen said.