December 2, 2022

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The action of a loyal dog pushing his master’s wheelchair while crossing makes him touched

Dogs are pets that are loyal to their masters. Whatever the situation of the master, the dog will always be by his side.

The dog’s loyalty to its master is seen in a short video re-uploaded by the social media account Instagram memomedsos, Sunday (31/07/2022).

Video footage shows the atmosphere of shops close to the highway. Many pedestrians are in the shopping area.

There was a dog who happened to be there stealing the attention of the people around. This dog looks like a uniform on his body.

The dog came with his master. He was seen pushing his master’s wheelchair from behind.

At first the dog pushed his master’s wheelchair to a stop near a traffic light. It turned out that this dog was about to cross the road with his master.

Everyone who was there watched the loyal dog act. When the traffic light turned red, the dog immediately rushed over.

He pushed back his master’s wheelchair. He and his master then crossed the road quickly.

The action of a loyal dog willing to push his master’s wheelchair wherever he goes makes him touched. No wonder this video has gone viral on social media.

Loyal Dog Pushes Master’s Wheelchair

The dog pushes his master’s wheelchair to cross the road. (Instagram/memomedsos)

The upload of the video on the Instagram memomedsos account was immediately flooded with various responses from citizens. Netizens prayed for the dog and his master to always be healthy and happy.

Netizens also applaud the dog’s intelligence and loyalty to his master.

“May his guguk always be healthy and happy with his master,” commented one netizen.

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“Good health for the master and the dog,” added another.

“Believe that animals are more loyal than your friends, especially animals never borrow money,” said another.

“Duhhh, he’s really smart even though he doesn’t look left and right, but how come it fits really well when crossing when no vehicles pass by,” another word.

“That’s a dog like that, I swear it makes you touch,” another said.

“If we love a dog, he will show his loyalty,” other netizens’ comments.

Until this article was compiled, the viral video upload had already received 91.3 thousand views on the reels and 7 thousand likes.