September 28, 2022

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The 8-Year Engagement Movie: A Man’s Loyalty Accompanies His Lover

Many people are easy to say love, but not all of them are able to prove their love for their lover. One of the proofs of that love is loyalty to your partner. There is no single word of love that can match the true loyalty of a person to accompany his partner in joy and sorrow. This is reflected in the film entitled The 8-Year Engagement.

Film The 8-Year Engagement Based on the autobiographical novel which is a true story of the couple Hisashi Nishizawa and Mai Nakahara. The film begins with a blind date event at a restaurant, where Hisashi (played by Sato Takeru) and Mai (played by Tao Tsuchiya) attend the event.

In Mai’s eyes, Hisashi didn’t look very happy to be in that place. This made Mai protested to him shortly after the event was over. Mai said that as a form of respect to her other colleagues, Hisashi shouldn’t have made such an expression, even though he was reluctant to leave. However, Mai was surprised to find out that Hisashi had a stomach ache that day, so he couldn’t enjoy the food and drinks served. He also understands Hisashi’s condition and invites to meet again before they part on the way home.

They also fulfilled the appointment. Their relationship is getting closer day by day and eventually become lovers. Their love makes Hisashi determined to propose to his lover and book a building for their wedding in three months.

However, not long after, something unexpected suddenly happened to Mai. He suddenly couldn’t remember several things, including the places he had visited with Hisashi. He was also suddenly hysterical and had a seizure. Hisashi then took him to the hospital and contacted Mai’s parents.

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Mai’s condition ended in a coma. Even so, Hisashi remained faithful waiting for Mai to open her eyes. Both of Mai’s parents have resigned and asked Hisashi, their future son-in-law, to move on with his life and forget about Mai. However, Hisashi remained firm in his determination to stay with Mai.

Until one day, Mai opened her eyes. However, the doctor said that Mai’s condition was no longer the same. Now, Mai seems to be reborn and is like a baby who has to know the world all over again. Of course, the girl also had no memory of Hisashi. How will Hisashi deal with it? Will the trials that befall his relationship with Mai shake his heart? Watch the continuation of this heartwarming love story in the film The 8-Year Engagement. Enjoy watching!