August 8, 2022

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The 7 Best Jobs for the ENTJ Personality, Have You Tried?

According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the ENTJ (extrovert, intuitive, thinking, and judging) are natural leaders. They are hard workers and tend to lead the way to organizational change. ENTJs enjoy setting and meeting long-term goals in a career that requires charisma, confidence, and creative thinking.

ENTJs are perfect for positions that require tremendous drive and determination. They excel in areas such as management, sales, information technology, and arts and media. Famous ENTJs include Steve Jobs and Franklin D. Roosevelt. In this article, we present suitable jobs for ENTJs.

1. Sales manager

Sales managers develop long-term and short-term goals for the sales department and the business. They often analyze statistics and develop sales techniques and pricing systems. In large organizations, the sales manager may oversee several regional or local divisions. Managers are responsible for training their sales team.

As passionate and extroverted individuals, ENTJs are often excellent sales managers. They may be best suited for positions that require managers to build long-term relationships with clients, vendors, and distributors. Sales managers benefit from strong planning and problem solving skills.

2. Project manager

The project manager oversees the completion of the project from start to finish. Project managers have strong business, financial management and communication skills. Project managers typically specialize in a specific area, such as construction, information technology, or advertising.

Many ENTJs naturally pursue careers in project management. They can see the big picture while managing daily activities. The ENTJ maintains a structured and fair work environment, keeps all participants on track, maintains the skills to take command to serve them well while keeping time, maintaining budget, and organizing regularly.

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3. Doctor

Doctors usually specialize in certain types of medicine, such as cardiology, family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology. Doctors must undergo rigorous training and obtain a license from their state medical board.

ENTJs are well suited to the demanding career path of aspiring physicians. As long-term goal-setters, they can manage many of the requirements it takes to become a doctor for several years. ENTJs often make great doctors thanks to their assertive and limited approach.

4. Civil engineering

Civil engineering designs and implements infrastructure systems and state projects, including airports, roads, bridges, and water treatment systems. Civil engineering oversees and manages the construction of these projects in the public and private sectors.

Many ENTJs have the leadership, decision-making, and problem-solving skills required for this role. They are consistent and goal-oriented, with the ability to multitask and team up for the long haul. ENTJs can be gauged by the enthusiasm in their interactions with various colleagues in civic institutions.

5. Environmental scientist

Environmental scientists use their natural science expertise to protect human health and the environment. Professionals in this field include specialists in environmental health and safety, climate change analysis, and environmental recovery planners. Environmental scientists can also become educators.

ENTJs are equipped to bring ingenuity and innovative thinking to a career in this field. As environmental scientists, ENTJs can share their passion for the right cause and work towards the long-term goal of environmental restoration. ENTJs are also naturally consistent in professions based on science and objectivity.

6. Writer

The author develops and adapts the text for various media. They may specialize in writing books, scripts, plays, blogs, articles, or advertising campaigns. Authors and writers include biographers, novelists, and narrators. They often work closely with editors, managers, and publishers.

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As writers, ENTJs can share their creativity in a planned and organized manner. They also naturally tend to be patient, and can easily follow the steps needed to meet long-term publishing goals.

7. Computer scientist

Computer scientists research and develop new computing technologies. They study solving complex computational problems. Computer scientists often work in subfields, such as robotics or programming, to improve computing technology in areas such as medicine, science, and education.

Many ENTJs fit the analytical and organizational requirements of this position. They are enthusiastic yet discreet in their approach to new technologies. ENTJs welcome the challenge of seeing computer science projects come to fruition.

Those are the seven jobs that are suitable for the ENTJ personality, are there any that match? passion-your?