August 8, 2022

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The 4 Best Places to Stay Silent

Silence is also one of the right solutions in some situations. The goal is not to cause a more turbid situation. Well, so it doesn’t matter if you stay silent on some of the situations below. Here are some of them.

1. Be quiet if your words ruin friendship

Don’t let your words destroy friendships, even in the worst conditions. Not only about your own friendship, but also don’t ruin the friendship of others. So, at least we don’t fight and have to be good at keeping other people’s shortcomings. This is also so that your friendship can still be well established and minimize existing conflicts.

2. Silence when you don’t know the full story

Every human being has a story. Well, when you don’t know someone else’s story completely, don’t say it as if you know it in detail. This can lead us to speak false stories. The impact is also not small, because it can lead to misunderstandings. So, it’s best if you don’t know the full story of the story. Trust me it’s much better.

3. Be quiet when angry

Someone who is angry is less likely to speak well. Especially when your anger is big and peaking. It’s better to be quiet first and ease your emotions a little. Well, when our heads are cooler, then you speak. Silence when angry can save a lot of things. If we say harsh words when angry, it can hurt other people and damage relationships.

4. Be quiet if your words offend others

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Well, this is really important because we often do the opposite. So, if what you say can offend other people even though you don’t mean to offend, it’s better not to say it. We also have to be able to take care of other people’s feelings, because that is a form of kindness.

So, the term silence is golden indeed, but also at the right time and situation. If you can’t say something nice, it’s better to be quiet. Do not just because of words, we make the situation cloudy. Keep your word wherever you are.