October 1, 2022


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The 100th Love with You Movie: Turning Back Time For Loved Ones

Human life is inseparable from destiny. Some fates can be changed with effort and prayer, but some other fates become absolute and human hands will not be able to change what should have happened. This is also depicted in the Japanese film entitled The 100th Love with You.

Film The 100th Love with You tells the story of a girl named Aoi Hinata (played by Miwa). One day, while in college, he fell asleep. A dream made him suddenly wake up and was surprised to find the professor was standing beside him and ready to rebuke him. Her best friend, Rina Sagara (Erina Mano), is worried about Aoi who often falls asleep during lectures, especially since Aoi intends to continue studying abroad.

After college, Aoi then practiced with his band called The Stroboscorp. Aoi is the vocalist of the band. Rina was also part of the band and she acted as manager. The other three band members are Riku Hasegawa (Kentaro Sakaguchi), Naoya Matsuda (Ryo Ryusei) and Tetsuta Nakamura (Yuki Izumisawa). They were preparing to perform at a festival before Aoi left for England.

One of the band members, Riku, is Aoi’s childhood friend and the girl has had feelings for Riku for a long time. However, even though Riku always cares for him, even promising that he will always be there for Aoi’s birthday even until he is 100 years old, Riku never said that he liked Aoi or fell in love with him.

Until one day, Naoya, who turned out to have a crush on Aoi, said that he liked Aoi. In fact, Aoi knows that Rina is in love with Naoya. Rina said that it was better for Aoi to be with Naoya than to keep expecting Riku who never said anything to her. Because, Rina herself knows that Naoya has liked Aoi for a long time.

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On the other hand, Riku also once said to Aoi, that if Riku left the band, it would be better for Aoi to depend on Naoya when Aoi needed someone. However, in the end, Aoi was unable to answer Naoya’s confession, thus making Rina angry with him.

Aoi’s condition, which was hesitant to answer Naoya’s feelings, annoyed that Riku had not been sensitive, and sad that Rina was angry with him for not coming to the festival, made Aoi’s performance with his band not run smoothly. Aoi was unable to sing and fled from the stage. He was walking down the street when something of his fell. The girl tried to pick it back up until she didn’t realize a truck was speeding towards her and hit her, causing her to lose consciousness.

As soon as Aoi woke up, suddenly he was in the lecture room and a professor was standing beside him to rebuke him for falling asleep while attending a lecture. Aoi found herself returning to a few days ago. What really happened to Aoi? Find the answer in the movie The 100th Love with You. Enjoy watching!