July 2, 2022


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That’s just what it is, elementary school students’ ice orders are delivered when the teacher teaches

The behavior of elementary school students who are still in their childhood is nothing. Even when the lesson is going on they can still act unexpectedly.

Recently, social media was shocked with a video about elementary school students. In a video recording uploaded by the social media account Instagram video_medsos, it shows the seller’s brother delivering ice orders for elementary school students.

“I was teaching, suddenly the ice maker came in, it turned out that the children before the school bell ordered ice,” written in the video as quoted by Yoursay.id, Wednesday (22/6/2022).

The student who saw his order of ice coming immediately wanted to run to the seller. They seemed impatient to drink the ice ordered before the school bell rang. In fact, when the ice seller brother came to class, the teacher was teaching.

“I’m still teaching someone ordered. What time is the message?” the teacher said to the ice seller brother.

The ice seller’s brother smiled as he answered in a low voice the teacher’s question. The seller’s brother then put the tray containing the ice order on the student table closest to the door.

Ice Orders for Elementary School Students

Elementary students in the same class ordered ice delivered directly by the seller. (Instagram/video_medsos)

The student who was about to approach the seller’s brother to get his ice was told by the teacher to sit down. The teacher asked the salesman to go around delivering ice to each student.

However, the students who ordered ice couldn’t wait to drink until they screamed with joy. The teacher also tried to calm the students who ordered the ice so as not to disturb the concentration of other friends.

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This video of the seller’s brother delivering ice ordered by elementary school students in this class attracted the attention of netizens to write various responses in the comments column. Netizens are surprised by today’s elementary school students.

Fortunately, today’s teachers are more aware of the normal behavior of their students, so they don’t punish them.

“Duh, son, if you were in school, you just chewed gum, you were punished with a crane’s foot. You are children of today, the teacher is told to stand on the feet of a stork,” said a netizen.

“In my past, I was hit by a ruler if it wasn’t a book. Nowadays the teachers are good,” added another.

“Fortunately, the teacher is kind,” another comment.

“The teacher’s fix will be remembered by the students tomorrow,” another netizen said.