December 6, 2022

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Talking about future careers, V BTS reaffirms Kim Taehyung and V are different

On Saturday (18/06/2022) Allkpop reports that Kim Taehyung, aka BTS’s V, has participated in a recent photo shoot and interview by Weverse magazine.

During the interview, BTS’s V shared his thoughts on the direction he is going with his solo music. As is known, Taehyung often shows a different side of himself, both on and off stage.

When asked by Weverse Magazine what his next goal would be, Taehyung replied, “I hope I can appear with many personas as a singer, solo singer, actor, photographer or the usual Kim Taehyung. Or when I enter into other fields, I want to make so many persona, and I do something new every day. I think that’s my ultimate dream.”

For the BTS Proof anthology album, Taehyung chose to include his solo song ‘Singularity,’ because he wanted to show that V and Kim Taehyung are different artists.

“I tend to think of Kim Taehyung and V as different artists and I tend to think every day that I have to choose one or the other, as visually depicted in the ‘Singularity’ music video. Artist V performed on stage, and had fun with ARMY. But Kim Taehyung spends ordinary days with his family and friends. Now I can accept both sides of myself, but also keep them apart.”

When an interviewer for Weverse magazine praised his free-spirited nature as perfectly suited to BTS’s type of music, Taehyung explained that his solo music should also be different from BTS’s.

He said, “I think my voice in BTS music and my solo music should be different. That can be another interesting thing about me that I can show off to people. I like to create a unique character for myself.”

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Taehyung also talked about his love for jazz music and what genre of music he wants to do now.

“If we like something for a long time, that feeling gets stronger, and every time I like something, I end up doing something about it. I grew up listening to a lot of jazz, which I love, and I feel like it’s a genre of music that I want to be a part of. I do now.”

Due to his perfectionist personality, Taehyung has deleted many of his unreleased songs. Regarding this, Kim Taehyung commented, “I have no regrets. I just told myself that the next song must be better than the previous one and I will make it like that.

“I feel like I want to be as objective as possible with myself when it comes to the songs I make. I don’t want to be one of those people who just release songs even when they’re not satisfied with it,” added the man who is also familiarly called V BTS.

Fans of course can’t wait for Kim Taehyung’s solo album to be released. How about you?