December 2, 2022

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Talk about his impression of Gong Jun, Dilraba Dilmurat: Very polite and shy

On September 1, 2022, Netease Entertainment launched Dilraba Dilmurat’s interview with MiniBAZAAR magazine. In this interview, he talked about his latest Chinese drama with Gong Jun, namely Legend of Anle.

In Legend of Anle, Dilraba Dilmurat plays the main female character named Ren Anle. He explained that Ren Anle was a happy female bandit. Despite having his own goals, he looks quite careless on the surface.

Meanwhile, Crown Prince Han Ye who is the male protagonist is a shy and educated prince. On the other hand, Ren Anle liked to tease and dared to say anything. She also took the initiative to approach men.

Ren Anle himself was very different from Dilraba Dilmurat. Ren Anle’s character who often took the initiative to voice her views or express demands directly was really problematic in her opinion.

Dilraba Dilmurat prefers to be alone and doesn’t reveal anything to other people. He can arrange things according to his own ideas. Even so, he had to get things done with a lot of people while doing the job.

In the process, Dilraba Dilmurat still needs to express himself. He didn’t refuse to do it either. However, he admitted that he was really not good at doing things like that.

In this interview, Dilraba Dilmurat was also asked about his impression of acting with Gong Jun. Dilraba Dilmurat’s first impression of the actor is that he is very polite and seems shy.

According to Dilraba Dilmurat, Gong Jun has his own cognition and firmness at work. He can also communicate well with his interlocutor in a scene. Dilraba Dilmurat feels very happy to be working with him.

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When asked about the most memorable thing from filming Legend of Anle, Dilraba admitted that he could not mention the specific scene. However, the difference between the character of the cast and the character of the character played has an unexpected effect.

When Dilraba Dilmurat suddenly had the idea of ​​doing more, Gong Jun’s reaction was one of embarrassment. Gong Jun’s shy disposition seemed pleasing to him.

Dilraba Dilmurat also revealed that he really likes acting as someone else. From here, he can learn many things. Dilraba Dilmurat only needs to think that he and the character he plays are the same person. He must also put himself in the perspective of the character.

At the end, Dilraba Dilmurat was asked about the role he wanted to try in the future. He replied that he wanted to try a really evil role.