August 14, 2022

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Take food until the plate is invisible, this man has to be reprimanded by the stall owner

One system that is usually applied by stalls or restaurants is a buffet. So, buyers can take as much food as they want with a predetermined price benchmark.

Recently, there was a video on social media of a man taking so much food at a buffet stall that he was reprimanded by the owner. The video was uploaded by the community’s Instagram account, Thursday (24/6/2022).

Video footage shows the atmosphere of a food stall with a buffet concept. A man came to buy food at the buffet stall.

The man in the gray and red shirt took his own food like any other shopper. However, the portion of food taken by this man was slightly different from that of most shoppers.

The man took the food in such a large portion that the plate could not be seen. The white rice he took was full on the plate.

On the top of the plate, he took a large portion of vegetables too. There are several kinds of side dishes taken.

The shop owner reprimanded the man for taking too much food. The shop owner stopped this man from taking so much food.

The shop owner even closed the food on the table so the man wouldn’t take it again. The look on the shop owner’s face looks like he doesn’t like the way this man takes large portions of food.

This Man Got To Reprimand The Stall Owner

This man was reprimanded by the shop owner for taking too much food. (Instagram/community)

Meanwhile, the man was silent when reprimanded by the shop owner. The video of a man taking food at a buffet stall so that the plate doesn’t appear to be reaping the pros and cons of netizens.

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Some netizens understand the man because everyone has different eating portions. Other netizens lamented this man’s actions taking large portions of food at the buffet stall.

“Just count, you don’t need to be upset,” a netizen’s response.

“If an eastern person really eats a lot, Sis, I will calculate it according to how he takes it,” added another.

“Don’t be rude, ma’am, just think of it as sodaqoh. I feel sorry for seeing his father, maybe he’s really hungry, don’t laugh at it,” another said.

“The one who took it didn’t know himself,” netizen comments.

“In my shop, there are also people like this, they take a lot of rice, there are many other side dishes. Then use fish, take them yourself. In the end, he only pays 10 thousand, how can you not lose like that,” said another.