May 30, 2023

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Taiwanese Singer and Actor Jimmy Lin Accident, This Is His Current Condition

Taiwanese singer Jimmy Lin has reportedly been in a Tesla car accident. The accident that happened to him and one of his twin sons, Jenson, occurred on July 22 yesterday.

The former idol has reportedly undergone surgery. He is reported to be in good condition after going through several surgeries.

Reported from The Straits Times On Saturday (30/07/2022), his manager and younger brother said Jimmy Lin, 47, was being treated at the Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan’s Taoyuan city. The former teen idol reportedly suffered broken bones in his face and body. It was also reported that doctors performed surgery to attach a titanium rod to Jimmy Lin’s fractured upper arm. So that the actor and singer is estimated to be able to regain his mobility within six months to one year after rehabilitation. The good news, now the actor can speak.

Previously, Jimmy Lin’s car accident occurred when he was driving a white Tesla Model X in Taoyuan, which hit a road divider and caught fire. He and his six-year-old son were pulled out of the car by nearby residents before it caught fire.

It was reported again by Lin A Jen’s manager, at this time Jimmy Lin is not yet known whether he was wearing a seat belt at the time of the incident or not, because the victim still cannot remember the sequence of the accident, “Only Jimmy knows the truth and he can’t currently remember the exact sequence of the accident.”

The manager added that the actor will report the incident to the relevant agency when his condition has improved.

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While the Taiwan police said that according to traffic cameras, Jimmy was not speeding when turning. A blood alcohol test showed that he was in a drunken state and had not been drinking before the accident.

Jimmy Lin was considered one of Taiwan’s four Little Heavenly Kings, along with singer-actors Nicky Wu, Alec Su, and Takeshi Kaneshiro, in the 1990s.

Jimmy Lin is known to have starred in TV series such as ‘Master Swordsman Lu Xiaofeng’ (2000), ‘Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils’ (2003), and ‘A Legend of Shaolin Kung Fu 2’ (2009).