September 27, 2022

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Synopsis ThirTEEN Terrors Episode 7: A Night of Disobidience

Thai drama ThirTEEN Terrors Episode 7 this time was directed by Chaiyapruek Chalermpornpanich. Tells the story of a group of high school teenagers who still live at their school even though it’s already 10 o’clock at night. A security guard who is burly but has a limp leg tries to drive them back home. However they are preparing the Crosswords Club for the extracurricular exhibition the next day.

Seeing other clubs that are interesting and have many fans, they try hard to increase the number of Crossword Puzzles club members. One of them gave an idea to decorate the club room to make it more attractive. Others agreed with the idea and opted to work overtime in order to decorate the clubroom. Without realizing the time shows 02.00 at night. As they were sneaking to go home, they saw from behind the wall a limp security guard who was slapping two students for coming home late.

Out of fear, these five people tried to find a place to hide until the next day. Jay, suggested that they go to the swimming pool which was under repair. They have fun in the pool without knowing the danger that will approach. Starting from iron cutting machines, nails scattered in the swimming pool, and other dangerous heavy equipment.

When Jay jumps from the construction fence into the swimming pool, Nao starts having fun by shaking the fence. Nao’s fun didn’t stop there, when Jay wanted to try jumping once again, Nao was seen turning off and turning on the electric switch in the equipment room. At the same time Jay jumps into the pool and drops the metal mower. Luckily the engine didn’t hit them.

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But unfortunately the noise was heard by the limp security guard who started chasing them. They ran and tried to hide from his pursuit. They were afraid because they had heard of the atrocities committed by the crippled security guard against students who broke the rules. Khem who was hiding alone was caught by a limp security guard. The rest of Jay, Ploi, and Nutt meanwhile Nao’s whereabouts are unknown.

Jay, Ploi, and Nut are back in pursuit with a limp security guard. Until they returned to the swimming pool and saw the body of the security guard limping in a pathetic condition. The crippled security guard has died, so who is after them? A frightened Jay insists he wants to go home. But Nutt and Ploi want to find out where Nao is.

The ghost of the crippled security guard was still chasing them. While hiding, Jay meets the figure of Khem who has turned into a ghost. Jay was caught by the security guard with a limp. Meanwhile Nutt and Ploi find Nao crying in a closed room saying, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to kill you. Nutt opened the door and Nao kept apologizing. A flashback scene plays as Nao idly turns the switch on and off.

What do you think actually happened? Why is the ghost of the limp security guard still chasing them? Watch the sequel on the Viu app or Netflix.