August 18, 2022

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Synopsis PS I Hate You Episode 1: The Beginning of Intrigue Full of Drama Team Bunga

PS I Hate You first episode aired on August 1, 2022. Aired on the Viu application, episode 1 succeeded in making the audience curious about the continuation of the story. The following is a synopsis of episode 1 of PS I Hate You drama.

Prae (Pearwah Nichapat) will marry a handsome politician named Pu (Papang Phropiriya). On his happy day, Prae is also accompanied by his five friends from Team Bunga, Meen (Jan Ployshompoo), Wanwan (Pat Chayanit), Saras (Aye Sarunacha), and May (Fah Yongwaree). They all looked stunning in a long red dress.

During the wedding screening, to their surprise, Prae’s obscene video appears instead of the romantic video. The incident was so embarrassing that Prae’s mother said she didn’t want to recognize Prae as her child anymore, it was better for Prae to die. His mother slapped Prae many times.

Prae blames his friends, as only they have the video. But no one admits to doing so. Meen suspects that someone else has the video, their dead friend, Pan.

A crew came, he apologized for his mistake, the crew said the flash disc was given by a woman with lavender flowers in hand like the one Meen used. They all get disappointed and scold Meen. May even unpacked Meen’s bag and found the flash drive in question. When they all fight, Prae who is disappointed with his friends runs away from them.

There is a sound of broken glass, they chase Prae, but it is too late. Prae had dropped himself downstairs and died. Pitch (Lee Thanat), Prae’s older brother who was downstairs was so shocked to see his sister was dead again.

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At Prae’s funeral, Team Bunga members still stay away from Meen. Because thinking is the cause of everything. On the other hand, Prae’s mother does not like the arrival of Team Bunga. Pu, Prae’s ex-husband also blamed Tim Bunga in front of reporters. The reporters tried to interview Team Bunga, so they decided to run away.

Conditions began to be suspicious at that time, Meen was dismissed from his job for that reason. Based on the information he got, Pu was the mastermind behind his dismissal. He tells the Flower Team to be careful with Pu.

To defend himself, Team Bunga decides to look for Pu’s weakness to threaten him. After that Team Bunga officially disbanded, they lived their own lives. But Meen, who is still curious, tries to dig deeper into who the real traitor is.

Well, you’re getting annoyed when you watch it, for those of you who haven’t watched episode 1, you can immediately stop by the Viu application to watch the action of Jan Ployshompoo and his friends in the PS I Hate You drama.