May 30, 2023

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Synopsis of Vice Versa Episode 10: Prepare Before Return

The first Thai drama with the multiverse genre, Vice Versa enters its final chapter. Vice Versa tells the story of Puen (Jimmy Jitaraphol) and Talay (Sea Tawinan) who wake up in another world and a new body. Puen wakes up in the form of Tun (Nanon Korapat), and Talay wakes up in the form of Tess (Ohm Pawat).

Episode 10 begins with the news of Happiness, Friends Credit successfully screened the film Romantic No Comedy which they co-produced. They seem very happy with this opportunity.

The struggles they’ve been doing lately have paid off. And what is even happier, unlike the previous project, the Friends Credit project with the title Romantic No Comedy was a huge success. Within a week views have reached 10 million viewers.

Of course, there is good cooperation between Aou, Up, and Tun as writer, producer and colorist, namely Talay, and Mek (Perth Tanapon) as director. The film Romantic No Comedy even entered the Kannes Film Festival (a play on the Cannes Film Festival).

In the midst of this happiness, Talay and Tun who celebrate together get enlightenment. The similarities between them will bring them back to their original world. The similarity is just a simple thing, namely the color pink.

Knowing this, Tun and Talay became happy and sad at the same time. They were happy because it was almost time to return. But sad to be parting with beloved friends and family in this new world.

Tun and Talay began to say goodbye to the closest people, starting from Phuwadol who helped them a lot from the start. Then, Tun with his parents. Tun’s farewell to his parents is really touching, so prepare a tissue before watching episode 10.

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Finally with friends, Aou, Up, Fuse, Kita, and Mike who have fought together with them. They had a picnic together to celebrate the success of Friends Credit.

Episode 10 ends with Tun and Talay looking at the lake and talking together, they can feel that the time for return is near. After talking, Talay unconsciously fell asleep on Tun’s thigh. Just when Tun wanted to reveal his true identity.

The end of episode 10 is indeed disturbing, the real Tun (Nanon Korapat) has returned to his world, and wakes up next to Talay who is still surprised to be left here alone. Why do you think Talay hasn’t returned to his world yet? Watch the answer in Vice Versa episode 11 which airs next week.