August 14, 2022

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Synopsis of Thai Drama ‘My Coach’ Episode 10: Perth Expresses His Feelings

After the previous episode contained a failed approach attempt by Perth Tanapon, in this episode Jenna is officially dating Jerd, after a long struggle. The two of them were very happy for a short time. Jerd proudly brought Jenna to accompany him on every activity. The next day Jerd gave good news during football practice. Jon gets a call for a test with the football team in Bangkok. Exactly what Jon dreamed of according to Jerd.

But Jon doesn’t seem to like the call, Jon looks lethargic. Jerd still forced his will on Jon. While Jenna and Jerd are at an event that night, Jon runs off. Jon arrives in Bangkok but not with the intention of taking the test call. He even looks drunk in a bar. Jon danced like a snake, he even disturbed the comfort of other customers.

Jerd is worried about it and wants to follow Jon to Bangkok. But Jenna intercepted because the event that night was very important for Jerd who wanted to grow his business. Jenna gave Jerd a solution, he would follow Jon to Bangkok and bring him home. With the help of her friends, Jenna manages to find Jon and prevent him from doing something silly.

Jenna and Jon are also faced with a group of people who are annoyed by Jon’s attitude. They didn’t let Jenna and Jon out. They were offended that Jon mocked their favorite soccer team that lost during a match. Jenna finally made a bet, if she and Jon managed to beat them in a soccer game, they had to let Jenna and Jon go.

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Jenna and Jon’s team won by a landslide, they relented and released Jenna and Jon. Jon’s 18th birthday today, Jenna took him to the beautiful Rama bridge to enjoy the view of Bangkok. Here Jon expresses his heart, he doesn’t want to be a football player like his uncle wants. Jon only plays football to please his uncle. Jenna brought a cake and candles to celebrate Jon’s birthday. Jenna said she will support Jon, whatever Jon will do in the future.

The next day Jon has found his dream, he wants to be a dancer. Jenna supported him wholeheartedly. Jon invites Jenna to join a dance competition with him, at first Jenna can’t move according to the rhythm. Jon guided her patiently. Finally they managed to make a video with Jenna’s action at the end which was very surprising. They managed to win the competition and get a smartwatch couple.

After returning from Bangkok, still with the same emotions, Jerd forced Jon to take part in the selection again. Jon looks perfunctory and has no interest in following him. This angered the coach. Jenna, who was secretly peeking at him, immediately pulled Jon out with the excuse that Jon wasn’t feeling well. Jon who got carried away, let out his emotions.

“I don’t want to play ball anymore, I love dancing, and I love Coach Jenna too”

Finally Perth Tanapon expressed his feelings after a few episodes. Are you relieved, audience? Ha ha ha. Let’s escort the Perth Tanapon and Wawwa Nicha ships in the next episode.