September 28, 2022

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Synopsis of Spin-off Drama Only Just Married: When Love Isn’t a Reason to Get Married

Dramas “Only Just Married” not only presents a story about the fake marriage of the two main characters. This series also comes through drama spin-off entitled “Tonikaku Konin Todoke ni Han wo Oshitai Dake Desu ga“.

Drama Tonikaku Konin Todoke ni Han wo Oshitai Dake Desu ga takes the point of view of Shoko Mamiya (Mai Fukagawa), a woman who works at the Shudendo company as a receptionist. He has a habit of judging every man he sees in his workplace, both from appearance, stature, personality and financial condition. Mamiya sets such high criteria in finding a partner. For him, there is no need for love in a marriage relationship. He is sure that he will feel happy if he has a quality partner.

One day, Mamiya is invited to eat at a family restaurant by her co-worker, Shu Momose (Kentaro Sakaguchi). Mamiya judges Shu as a person who is almost perfect in her eyes, because he has a handsome face, cool appearance, good taste, and is supported by the fact that he is single.

Unexpectedly, Shu suddenly proposed to Mamiya and asked her to marry him. This Shu did, because he had heard from his superiors that Mamiya didn’t need love in a marriage, as long as the man met Mamiya’s criteria, just like the woman Shu was looking for. Because, Shu wants to get married solely to get the title of a married man, not to build a loving household. Shu felt they could be the best couple and he handed Mamiya the marriage form.

However, it turned out that Mamiya was not happy about it. Instead, he got angry and threw water on Shu, then left him. Mamiya had not gone far from the restaurant when she realized that her anger was a sign that she really liked Shu. He thought about accepting Shu’s proposal and rushed back to the restaurant. Unfortunately, Shu was no longer there.

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A few days later, Mamiya went to the office with the marriage form with her name on it. He intended to re-talk about Shu’s proposal and answer it properly.

When Mamiya talks about the proposal she received to her co-workers without mentioning who it is, she suddenly hears Shu’s boss saying that Shu is married. Mamiya, who was shocked and had already announced her wedding plans, was determined to find a partner on an online matchmaking application. Will he find a partner who meets his criteria through the application? Find the answer in drama Tonikaku Konin Todoke ni Han wo Oshitai Dake Desu ga. Don’t miss it, ok?