December 2, 2022

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Synopsis of Rab Ne Bana di Jodi: A Love Story That Can Change Everything

Who hasn’t watched a romantic film and brings laughter at the same time. This bollywood film which was released in 2008 featured the legendary actor Shahrukhan as the main character and Anushka Sharma as his co-star.

The story begins when Surinder (Shahrukhan) attends a child’s wedding invitation from his professor. But unfortunately, the groom-to-be had an accident and the professor asked Surinder to marry his son because he suddenly had a heart attack. Her son (Tani) played by Anushka with a heavy heart accepts her destiny to marry a man she does not love even though she has just met him.

Their love story is not like the usual newlyweds who feel flowery and full of happiness. They are just the opposite. Tani still loves her ex-fiancé who just left for good. Suri, knowing this, was not angry but allowed Tani to live her days as she wanted. They agreed to try to carry out their roles as husband and wife even though they did not sleep in the same bed. Tani wants her own private space.

Suri, who loved Tani so much from the first sight, was so patient in pampering his wife. He shows his love not through words but by actions. It can be seen that when Tani wanted to take part in a dance competition, Suri willingly gave her permission. Whereas this competition requires pairs, male and female. Not only did Suri give permission, but she also accompanied Tani even though she wasn’t Suri.

When Tani registered she was still alone, there was no dancing partner. Suddenly Raj came with the intention of offering to be his partner. Raj is another figure of Suri. Now Suri plays two roles. At home he becomes Suri and when he practices dance he becomes Raj. Because of love he was willing to do it. In his mind only his wife’s happiness is the main thing. Suri, who was very shy and introverted, has now transformed into a cheerful and cheerful person. And Tani doesn’t realize that Raj is Suri.

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Love begins with a habit. Because because they are often together, Tani is in love with Raj. Raj is able to make Tani always smile. But Tani always realized that she had become the wife of an office worker, Suri. Tani can’t possibly leave Suri, but she can’t lie to her feelings that she’s in love with Raj either.

All the things that Suri had hidden were finally revealed when the dancing contest met the final round, namely the assessment. Tani was so restless that Raj didn’t come. Suddenly, unexpectedly, Suri appeared and asked him to dance. Tani was so surprised, why Suri could do it. After the event is over, Suri finally tells Tani that Suri and Raj are the same person.

That’s a love that can change everything. Leading people to do anything for the sake of someone they love. This film is not so boring because it is occasionally interspersed with funny scenes about Raj’s behavior that invites laughter. Even though it was released fourteen years ago, this film is sometimes still shown on television because it has an interesting storyline.