August 14, 2022

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Synopsis of Jawbreaker: Keeping a Friend’s Murder a Secret

Jawbreaker is a teen crime comedy film that was released in 1999 and has a duration of 1 hour 27 minutes. Starring Rose McGowan, Judy Greer, Rebecca Gayheart, and many more. Before watching this film, it’s a good idea to read the synopsis below.

Synopsis of Jawbreaker

There are four popular girls in school. They are Liz Purr, Courtney, Marcie, and Julie. Yet Liz Purr was the most superior among them. Not only beautiful, popular, and rich, Liz is also very kind.

One morning on Liz’s 17th birthday, while she was still asleep in her bed, 3 intruders came in and grabbed her mouth, tied her up, and put her in the trunk of the car.

Turns out the kidnappers weren’t real kidnappers. But Liz’s friends are Courtney, Marcie, and Julie. They did plan Liz’s party by playing a prank on her, something like that they do every year.

They drive to a restaurant to treat Liz to breakfast. Before opening the trunk, they had already set up a polaroid camera to see Liz’s reaction.

But when the trunk opens, they find Liz dead, choked to death by a jaw breaker (jawbreaker) which Courtney used to cover her mouth.

Julie wanted to go to the police, but Courtney forbade her. Courtney calls the school and pretends to be Liz’s mother, telling them that Liz is sick and can’t go to school, then the three of them go to school as if nothing happened.

On the other hand, Fern Mayo, an invisible girl at school who is an admirer of Liz Purr is asked by the principal, Miss Sherwood, to drop off Liz’s homework after school because Courtney is late picking it up. When they found out that Fern Mayo was on his way to Liz’s house, the three friends rushed to Liz’s house.

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To avoid the police, Courtney makes a plan that Liz died at the hands of a rapist, for that Courtney and Marcie put the dead Liz on the bed and adjust her sleeping position, while Julie looks at Liz’s belongings which one of them is a voice recorder.

Fern Mayo arrives at Liz’s house and finds Liz’s death in the hands of her three friends. When Fern Mayo tries to run away, Courtney stops her and asks her not to tell anyone, instead she will make Fern Mayo take Liz’s place in their group.

Fern’s awkward appearance was changed by Courtney and Marcie became graceful. Not just appearances, Courtney also introduces Fern as a beautiful exchange student named “Vylette.”

But a guilt-ridden Julie over Liz’s death breaks away from the group, her popularity declines, and she is berated by Courtney and Marcie.

You can watch the continuation of the Jawbreaker movie on Netflix or by buying or renting the film on the Google Playstore. Enjoy watching!