December 1, 2022

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Synopsis of Japanese Drama Yangotonaki Ichizoku: When Love Doesn’t Look at Treasure

Not infrequently, love does not look at wealth. Even if they come from different family backgrounds, two people who love each other will accept each other and are determined to face ups and downs together. That’s what happens in dramas.”Yangotonaki Ichizoku

Based on the manga of the same name by Yukari Koyama, drama Yangotonaki Ichizoku tells the story of an ordinary girl named Sato Shinohara (Tao Tsuchiya). After his father died, he and his mother ran a restaurant. Sato has a girlfriend who is an office worker named Kenta (Kouhei Matsushita). After two years of dating, Kenta is determined to propose to Sato.

Of course, the Sato family was very happy about it. They celebrate Kenta’s proposal to Sato by having a meal together. Kenta always feels happy when he gathers and eats with the Sato family. He also likes the food made at the Sato family’s restaurant.

The proposal made Sato’s mother very happy, but also felt a little lonely, because her daughter would leave her to live with her husband. Sato had just said that he had decided to stay at his mother’s house when Kenta suddenly came to tell him a shocking truth. He said that he was a child of the Miyama family, a respected family with a history of 400 years.

Of course, Sato and his mother laughed at what Kenta said and thought he was just joking, because they knew Kenta as an ordinary office worker. However, seeing Kenta speaking seriously, they were shocked. They still couldn’t believe what they had just heard until finally a luxury car came to pick up Kenta and Sato.

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Kenta invites Sato to his house to introduce Sato to his family. In the car, Kenta also tells that he is reluctant to talk about his family to Sato, because his family life is not as beautiful as people imagine. Compared to family, Kenta felt more like they were just people connected by money. Kenta yearns for a warm family like Sato’s. Because of that, she proposed to Sato, so that she could create a warm and loving family.

Once at the gate of Kenta’s house, Sato was amazed by the house that was more accurately called a palace. However, let alone entering Kenta’s house, even before Sato passed through the gate, he had already received an unpleasant treatment. Kenta’s father denied his existence and kicked him out of the house. This angered Kenta and reached the limit of his patience. Finally, he decides to end his relationship with his family in order to marry the lover he loves.

Not wanting to lose his son, Kenta’s father was forced to agree to the girl of his son’s choice. Not only that, Kenta is set as the heir to the Miyama family and becomes the resident of the Miyama family’s main house.

However, of course there are many difficulties that Kenta and Sato have to go through when they are living a household in the midst of Kenta’s family who are actually against their marriage. How do Sato and Kenta maintain their love and marriage when so many people are trying to separate them? Watch the sequel in the drama Yangotonaki Ichizoku. Enjoy watching!

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