September 27, 2022

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Synopsis of Japanese Drama Gakeppuchi Hotel: Efforts to Save Hotel Threatened Bankrupt

When we have a place that holds good memories, we definitely want that place to continue to exist, so that we can remember the memories stored there every time. If that place finally changes or even disappears, of course there is a sense of sadness tucked away in our hearts. That is also what is depicted in the drama “Gakeppuchi Hotel“.

Drama Gakeppuchi Hotel tells the story of a hotel called Grande Inversao. This hotel was once in its heyday and became a classic upscale hotel that is popular with many visitors. However, the hotel’s achievements are getting worse day by day. Now, the hotel is managed by Sana Sakurai (Erika Toda), who inherited the hotel from her deceased father.

The Grande Inversao Hotel is on the brink and incurring debts of 300 million yen. However, on the other hand, they cannot increase their income because hotel staff and employees cannot serve guests well, such as receptionists who have difficulty providing friendly service, cleaners who like to steal hotel items, cooks who prefer to listen to racing broadcasts. horses than cooking, and various other minuses. Plus, the manager couldn’t be strict, even he doubted that he could manage the hotel.

One day, the hotel has a mysterious guest named Naoya Ukai (Takanori Iwata). He booked a hotel room and asked the hotel staff to do some things no other visitor had asked before. The hotel staff, who are used to working as hard as they can, regard Naoya’s request as a nuisance that bothers them.

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However, a hotel staff discovered that Naoya Ukai was the deputy manager of a famous hotel called Bali Stone. As soon as they found out about this, all the hotel staff immediately served her well and treated Naoya like an important guest. This change in the attitude of the hotel staff immediately received criticism from Naoya.

Naoya’s criticism immediately whipped Sana. He wants the Grande Inversao Hotel to return to its former glory as it was in his father’s time. Sana also asks Naoya to work with him as a deputy manager to save the hotel which is now on the brink.

Apparently, Naoya welcomed Sana’s request and said that he would stop working at Hotel Bali Stone to join Hotel Grande Inversao. However, with so many problems, what will Naoya and Sana do to revive Hotel Grande Inversao? Watch them in the drama Gakeppuchi Hotel. Enjoy watching!