December 6, 2022

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Synopsis of Japanese Drama Cinderella Complex: The twists and turns of looking for an ideal partner

Everyone must have criteria when choosing a potential partner. However, not infrequently the criteria that have been set, suddenly fade away, when we meet those who make us fall in love and love us sincerely. The same thing happened to a girl in a Japanese drama.”Cinderella Complex“.

Cinderella Complex is a drama spin-off from the series”Cinderella’s PromiseThis drama is about a girl named Mahiro Sakamura (played by Sayuri Matsumura). She works at the Takaoka inn and is determined to marry a rich man. This is because Mahiro was dumped by his girlfriend in high school, because he came from a poor family.

Although wealth is the main criterion in choosing a partner, he still cannot ignore the other criteria. Not only money, he also wants a partner who supports his lifestyle and doesn’t restrain him, a man whose future is guaranteed, has a good personality and values, is also loyal. For him, marriage is supply and demand. If she gets the ideal man she expects, then she will also play the role of an ideal wife as her partner.

Unfortunately, Mahiro couldn’t find a man who matched his criteria at the Takaoka Inn, where he worked. The innkeeper who became the dream of many people did not interest him, because he thought that the innkeeper’s wife should also take care of the inn, so that his freedom would be taken away. His co-worker, Koya Kurose (played by Nobuaki Kaneko) can’t even fit into the criteria at all. Even though Koya always teases him, Mahiro still doesn’t budge, especially when Koya likes to tease the women around him.

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One day, Mahiro met an inn guest who immediately attracted him, because the guest was wearing expensive goods. One of Mahiro’s colleagues says that the guest is Keiichi Agari (Kohei Takeda), a single tycoon on the rise.

Mahiro is excited to find out who Keiichi Agari really is. When Mahiro was busy digging up information about Keiichi on the internet, suddenly a young man named Yugo Kuramochi (Rio Komiya) appeared. When he first saw Mahiro, Yugo immediately fell in love with the girl.

Whenever Mahiro tries to approach Keiichi, Yugo secretly watches him while feeling jealous. Not only Yugo, Koya is worried about Mahiro because the girl is easily captivated by outward appearances, also can’t stay still and tries to remind Mahiro to be careful. Even so, Mahiro’s determination to get a companion according to his wishes was strong. So, will Mahiro succeed in realizing his dream of becoming the wife of a rich man? Find the answer in drama Cinderella Complex. Enjoy watching!