December 1, 2022

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Synopsis of Chinese Drama Sweet Teeth: The story of a doctor who falls in love with his patient

Sweet Teeth is a romantic drama from China, starring Wu Xuan Yi, Bi Wen Jun, Liu Te, Zhai Xiaowen, and several other actresses and actors.

The story is about Zeng Li, a 26-year-old woman who works as a librarian at Donghu University, who also owns a cafe built with her two best friends. He includes people who do not care about people’s standards for success and just want to do a job that makes him comfortable.

From the library, he met a lecturer who was quite popular among the students. It was Ai Jing Chu, a lecturer who was also a dentist. His meeting with Ai Jing Chu was embarrassing for him.

One day, Zeng Li’s mother came to his house to visit. Then the two of them talked about Zeng Li’s life, which until then had no lover. Zeng Li himself didn’t really mind being unmarried, very different from his mother who had been married three times.

Zeng Li’s mother forced her son to have his teeth fixed at the dentist. When he arrived at the hospital, he found out that Ai Jing Chu was also a dentist there. He was still embarrassed, wanted to run away from there. Over time, there were seeds of love between the two.

This drama has 22 episodes which can be watched on IQiyi. This drama is enough worth it to watch if you like stories with the romantic genre. I myself often smile when watching it. The thing that makes me also like this drama is that they don’t just present one point of view of the story.

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They also tell about the love life of Zeng Li’s two best friends, Wu Ying with Liu Yu Cheng and Ma Yi Yi with Deng Hao Ran. The story of the vast age difference between Wu Ying and Liu Yu Cheng, as well as about the old love rekindled between Ma Yi Yi and Deng Hao Ran add value to this drama, because it provides a ‘spice’ that is not a market story like other dramas.

The acting presented by the cast also creates its own emotions for the audience. In addition, the storyline is light enough that it doesn’t make the audience think more. If you want to watch a light drama, Sweet Teeth is for you!