August 14, 2022

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Synopsis of Chinese Drama ‘Lost in The Kunlun Mountains’, Starring Xu Kai!

‘Lost in The Kunlun Mountains’ is an adventure drama of the Republic of China adapted from the novel of the same name by writer Tian Xia Ba Chang.

This drama has Xu Kai and Elaine Zhong as the main roles.

The drama has premiered since July 27, before watching it in full. Check out the synopsis below!

Synopsis of Chinese Drama ‘Lost in Kunlun Mountains’

The talented and kind-hearted Ding Yun Qi accidentally discovers a secret treasure in the Kunlun Ruins, while investigating his mysteriously missing brother.

While searching for his brother, Ding Yun Qi runs into Luo Yun Song, a warlord who makes a fortune from smuggling cultural relics and is eager to take the Kunlun treasure for himself. He plans to resell the cultural heritage.

Ding Yun Qi is an astute person, he manages to outsmart his enemies in an attempt to resolve the impending crisis. So he managed to keep the magic of the kunlun ruins.

This drama contains elements of love, friendship, and betrayal.

Cast of ‘Lost in Kunlun Mountains’

The main role of ‘Lost in Kunlun Mountains’ is Xu Kai as Ding Yun Qi. Xu Kai previously successfully acted in several dramas such as ‘Falling Into Your Smile’ and ‘Royal Feast’.

As his co-star, Elaine Zhong or Zhong Chuxi plays Wu Shuang. This actress successfully starred in the drama ‘Raising With The Wind’.

Next there is Wang Yang who once starred in ‘A Lifelong Journey,’ he played the role of Luo Yun Song.

There is also Zhang Xin Yu who has appeared in the drama ‘The Glory of Youth’ and Bao Bei Er, an actor in the drama ‘The Rational Life’. As well as Morni Chang who previously starred in ‘Love in a Lope’ and Gao Shu Guang in the drama ‘Lady of Law’.

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Currently, ‘Lost in Kunlun Mountains’ has managed to rank 2nd in the streaming platform that broadcasts it, iQiyi, just below ‘KinnPorsche The Series’.

This drama is 45 minutes long with 36 episodes. Can be watched on iQiyi and Tencent Video. Don’t miss it!