December 2, 2022

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Synopsis of Aquamarine: Friendship Story with Mermaids

Aquamarine is a fantasy comedy film for teens released in 2006 and has a duration of 1 hour and 50 minutes. Starring Emma Roberts, Sara Paxton, JoJo, and more. Before watching this film, it’s a good idea to read the synopsis below.

Synopsis Aquamarine

In the small beach town of Baybridge, near Tampa, there are two friends named Claire and Hailey who are enjoying the last few days of their summer vacation their mother’s job as a marine biologist. Not wanting to be separated, the two friends pray to the sea god, asking for a miracle to change his mother’s thoughts about moving. A few minutes later, a violent storm broke out.

The following night, Claire and Hailey sneak into a local pond, where they accidentally find a mermaid named Aquamarine who was swept away by a storm. The two of them are friends with Aquamarine, who apparently ran away from her house because she was forced to marry. The marriage will be annulled if Aquamarine manages to prove to her father that true love exists.

Aquamarine’s tail will become legs during the day. Will return to a tail if exposed to water or when night falls. Aquamarine is attracted to a lifeguard named Raymond. He asked Claire and Hailey to help him get close to the young man. In fact, Claire and Hailey had a crush on Raymond for a long time.

But when Aquamarine says that someone’s wish will come true if they help the mermaid, the two friends also want to help Aquamarine to be close to Raymond, in the hope that Hailey’s wish not to move will come true.

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The non-human Aquamarine doesn’t know how to blend in with other humans. He doesn’t understand how love works so Raymond ignores him at first. But Claire and Hailey promise to make Raymond turn to the Aquamarine strategy found in teen magazines.

Unfortunately their path is getting blocked because of the presence of a group of popular girls led by Cecilia, the spoiled daughter of a local meteorologist, she is also attracted to Raymond and also feels something is different from Aquamarine. In fact, Cecilia was planning something.

How come? Did Aquamarine, Hailey, and Claire’s plan work? Watch Aquamarine by buying/renting the movie on Google Playstore. Enjoy watching!