August 8, 2022

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Synopsis Kanojo wa Kirei Datta: Remake Korean Drama ‘She was Pretty’

Six years after its broadcast, the Korean drama “She was Pretty” get remakein Japan with the title “Kanojo wa Kirei Datta.The drama, starring Fuka Koshiba and Kento Nakajima, managed to bring the female lead to the award for best actress and the theme song entitled “Summer Hydrangea” by Sexy Zone won the title as the best theme song in the event Television Drama Academy Awards 109th.

Drama Kanojo wa Kirei Datta tells the story of a girl named Ai Sato (Fuka Koshiba). He lives in the same house with his best friend, Risa Kiriyama (Yui Sakuma). Ai works at a restaurant, but right on her 28th birthday, she has to accept the harsh reality that she was fired from her job due to a reduction in staff.

While busy looking for job vacancies on the internet, Ai was surprised by an email that came to her. The email came from Ai’s childhood friend, Sosuke Hasebe. They separated when they were in 6th grade, because Sosuke had to move to America. Through that email, Sosuke informed him that he would soon return to Japan and wanted to meet Ai. Of course Ai was happy and prepared to welcome Sosuke’s return.

However, Ai was surprised when she found out that Sosuke Hasebe (Kento Nakajima) who used to be known as a big boy, clumsy and bespectacled, has now turned into a handsome and charismatic man. Ai’s confidence vanished in an instant and she immediately hid from Sosuke before the young man noticed her presence. This is because when she was in elementary school, Ai was a very beautiful girl and was admired by many people.

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Unfortunately, Ai’s life changes when his father’s company goes bankrupt and his rich family falls into poverty. Sosuke didn’t know that because he had moved to America. Since then, Ai who no longer pays attention to her appearance often gets ridicule from her customers at the restaurant.

Ai felt herself so pitiful when compared to Sosuke’s current figure. The girl thought, if Sosuke saw himself in such a state, he would destroy the image of Sosuke’s memories of him in the past. He also asked Risa to pretend to be him. Ai decides to forget about Sosuke and deletes all emails from the man.

Not long after, Ai got the good news that he was accepted to work as a general department employee at a publishing company called Bunko Publishing. However, an incident made him appointed as a temporary worker in the editorial department of THE MOST magazine, even though he was still under the auspices of the general department.

Although surprised, Ai still followed his superior’s instructions. However, how surprised Ai was when she found out that on the same day, a man who came from THE MOST headquarters in New York was also assigned to be the deputy editor-in-chief of THE MOST and that man was Sosuke Hasebe, Ai’s little friend. How did Ai deal with the situation? Will Sosuke recognize Ai, the girl he really wants to meet? Watch the sequel in the drama Kanojo wa Kirei Datta. Enjoy watching!