December 6, 2022

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Synopsis Adventures In Babysitting: The Adventures of Fixing the Chaos

Adventures In Babysitting is an adventure comedy film for children released in 2016 and is 1 hour and a few minutes long. Starring Sabrina Carpenter, Sofia Carson, and many more. Before watching this film, it’s a good idea to read the synopsis below.

Synopsis Adventures In Babysitting

Tells the story of Jenny Parker and Lola Perez, two teenagers whose nature is very opposite. Jenny is an organized girl while Lola is a flexible girl. Even so, they share a common passion —photography—which brought them together because they were finalists for a prestigious photographer’s internship. After the interview, the two of them accidentally swapped their cellphones.

A woman named Helen Anderson called Jenny on the phone, saying she had an important event. So then he begged Jenny to take care of his children, because he was concurrently a babysitter. Lola, who was holding Jenny’s cell phone, wanted to explain about their switched phones. However, because Lola is in need of money, she tells the woman that she is Jenny’s friend who will replace her babysitting.

After the woman, Jenny’s cell phone gets a call from Zac Chase, the man Jenny likes invites her to a Psychic Rockets concert. However, Lola who didn’t care because it was none of her business immediately rejected her. Zac, not realizing that it wasn’t Jenny, was disappointed, so he brought another girl to the concert instead.

Jenny is babysitting at the Cooper family home. The Cooper family’s mother tells Jenny to keep an eye on her two daughters: don’t let Emily dye her hair and Katy play with her mother’s jewelry box.

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After the Cooper family’s mother left, Jenny opened her cellphone and realized that she had Lola’s cellphone, Jenny dialed her cell number and found that Lola was in a mess.

Lola is babysitting at the Anderson family home. Bobby, the son of the Anderson family who loves to cook, accidentally makes a fire while cooking. Trey, the Anderson family’s only child, secretly goes to a Psychic Rockets concert despite being banned.

Hearing the chaos, Jenny and the Cooper family went to the Andersons’ house. Jenny, Lola, the children of the Anderson family and Cooper travel in Anderson’s SUV to a pawnshop in town to track down Trey who is going to a concert.

They go down to a shop to look for Trey. But it turns out that Trey has gone with his friends. What they don’t know is, they’re with two thieves in the shop, Bobby accidentally releases a rare Sapphire Ferret and Lola takes a picture of the commotion for her photography resume.

The two thieves were worried about Lola’s photo. They also chase Jenny, Lola, and the children. When Jenny and Lola want to leave, they find Anderson’s SUV being lined up because it has been parked in a restricted area, and to get the SUV back they have to pay. None of them had enough money to pay for a car.

How come? Did they manage to escape the pursuit of the two thieves? Did they manage to get the SUV back without the parents involved—because it would be a mess if they knew the truth? Can Trey be found? How is Jenny’s relationship with the man she likes, Zac? Can Jenny and Lola get along?

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Watch their full adventure on Disney+ or buy/rent the movie on the Google Playstore. Enjoy watching!