September 27, 2022

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Synopsis 16 Wishes: Miracle at the age of 16

16 Wishes is a comedy-fantasy teen television film. Released in 2010 and is 1 hour 30 minutes long. Starring Debby Ryan, Anna Mae Routledge, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, and many more. Before watching this film, it’s a good idea to read the synopsis below.

Synopsis 16 Wishes

Abby Jensen is a cheerful girl. Since childhood he was very enthusiastic to be 16 years old. Therefore, since childhood he made his “wish list when he was sixteen years old” since he was a child. While waiting for her to turn 16, Abby kept the wish list.

When her 16th birthday arrives, Abby excitedly writes her 16th wish—which is also her last wish—on her wish list, which is that she wants to get a photo with her idol Logan.

Abby is surprised by a birthday cake and song by her parents and brother Mike. However, Abby rudely refused. Says he’s an adult so he doesn’t need gifts like that anymore and just needs some privacy. Abby closed the bedroom door and got ready to start her first day at the age of 16.

However, there were many oddities on Abby’s first day. Starting from his house which is controlled by a wasp nest which has apparently been nesting for 16 years. A strange woman named Celeste visits, claiming to be an exterminator. Celeste is secretly keeping Abby’s wish list. Due to the presence of the wasp nest that must be destroyed, Abby’s family has not been able to enter the house.

So Abby went to school still in her pajamas. While waiting for the bus that would take her to school, Abby’s best friend, Jay Kepler, came, he gave Abby a jacket that had in her pocket a birthday present for Abby: a half-hearted necklace with “BFF” on it. Jay himself kept the other half of his heart as a keychain.

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Instead of a bus, a delivery truck pulled up, and Celeste came out dressed like a postal lady. He gave a package with 16 candles and a box of matches to Abby. Abby lit her first candle, her first wish, to meet celebrity Joey Lockhart, was fulfilled.

Abby then realized that it was a magic candle: it matched the wish on her wish list. However, only the beginning was good, the rest made it difficult for Abby. Weird isn’t it? The dreams that you have formed for a long time actually destroy you when they come true?

Watch 16 Wishes by buying/renting the movie on Google Playstore. Enjoy watching!