September 27, 2022

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Switzerland vs Portugal: Cristiano Ronaldo Absent, Advantage for Switzerland?

Group 2 of the UEFA National League A 2022-2023 will bring together a strong team from Switzerland against Portugal in the fourth match on Monday 13 June 2022 in the morning, at 01:45 WIB. This match will be held at the Stade de Geneve Stadium.

Shaqiri and his friends have not yet been able to pick up points. From the matches that have been played, Switzerland is still a target and a barn for goals for other teams. In the first match, made by Murat Yakin was hit by the Czech Republic, 2:1. In the second match, on June 6, when a duel with Portugal, was also shaved by Fernando Santos’ troops with a score of 4:0. It didn’t stop there, when Switzerland met Spain, they also had to give up 1:0.

Meanwhile in Portugal, in the first match when they met Luis Enrique’s troops, Spain only drew 1:1. However, after that, the Portuguese squat slowly started to rise. And sure enough, Switzerland was subdued with a score of 4:0. Then when he struggled with the Czech Republic, he also managed to pack three points for a 2:0 victory.

This game is in stark contrast. How not, Portugal is currently in first place standings. While Switzerland is still trying to rise from the bottom of the standings.

Portugal is at its best. You can’t or can’t, Murat Yakin’s polish, Switzerland really has to play carefully if you don’t want to get hurt. On the other hand, the condition or individual ability of the players, Portugal is clearly superior. Because Fernando’s troops are inhabited by star players.

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However, even so, reported by, Portugal coach Fernando Santos will rest his star player, Cristiano Ronaldo. He said he would give playing time to other players. This rotation, so that other young players can also play.

Opportunity for Switzerland?

Is this an opportunity for Switzerland because Ronaldo will be out? The absence of Ronaldo, of course, provided a bit of fresh air for the Swiss squad. The reason, yesterday when Switzerland was silenced 4:0 Ronaldo scored two goals. And now, it’s time for Switzerland to take advantage of Ronaldo’s absence.

Can Switzerland take advantage of this momentum? Let’s wait for Switzerland vs Portugal match.