August 18, 2022

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Suspicious Rice Buckets Are Always Open, Shocked Mother Turns Out Her Child’s Action For This

Young children when they are active must be supervised by adults. Do not let children be left alone because they sometimes do the unexpected.

Just like what this little boy did. He acted with the rice stock that was in the bucket.

In a video recording uploaded by the Instagram account, it shows a mother who suspects that her rice bucket is open, Friday (6/24/2022). Because, previously the rice bucket was closed.

“Why is my rice open?” said the mother.

He saw his son alone from the kitchen was at the side of the house. The mother was surprised that her son’s behavior turned out to be the perpetrator who opened the lid of the rice bucket.

Apparently his son took a can of rice to feed the chickens. However, instead of feeding live chickens but toy chickens.

This boy sprinkles a can of rice on the floor to eat his toy chicken. The mother, who was shocked to see her son’s behavior, couldn’t help but laugh.

Child Feeds Toy Chicken with Rice

The rice in the bucket is taken by the child to feed the toy chicken. (Instagram/

“What’s that? It’s okay if I open my rice, here I eat piteke (What is this? It’s appropriate that I open my rice (close the bucket), this is for eating chicken,” said the mother.

While the boy who was caught red-handed took the rice in the bucket to eat the toy chicken his expression was adorable. He looks innocent and confused because his mother laughs watching him feed the toy chicken.

The video of a boy feeding his toy chicken caught the attention of netizens. The netizens went directly to the comments column to write various responses.

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“This smart kid. Try buying real chickens so you can learn how to care for chickens,” a netizen’s response.

“Oh my gosh, that face is so innocent, it’s really funny, deck,” another said.

“I am amazed that her mother’s reaction is extraordinary! What if my mother is already blue and my thighs are blue?” other comments.

“Dek asks to buy Teletubbies pitik (chicken) with mom. Then give me rice every day so it’s big, when it’s big, fry the chicken,” another netizen said.

Until this article was compiled, the viral video has already received 111 thousand views on the reels and 6 thousand likes.