August 14, 2022

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Surprised to be replaced, Jessi supports Sunmi as the new MC of Showterview

Jessi spoke up about her ignorance about Sunmi as the new MC of the variety show Showterview and will replace her.

Adapted from Allkpop on Sunday (26/6/2022), previously ‘Showterview’ had officially announced that solo singer Sunmi would be the new MC of the program, replacing Jessi who finished the last episode last April.

However, Jessi’s fans were angry and confused because Jessi herself did not know that she would be replaced.

After reading one of the comments from fans on Instagram, Jessi also went live on Instagram to straighten out the problem, and calm the fans who protested against the ‘Showterview’ team because of this miscommunication problem.

Jessi explained to fans that she was doing well, and asked them to continue to support Sunmi and ‘Showterview’ going forward.

“I’m really where I am now, this is an expression from the bottom of my heart, there’s no point for me to say much more. I wish Sunmi and ‘Showterview’ the best, because I’m currently on vacation,” said Jessi.

“We don’t know when we will return or not. We will most likely return, but nothing is certain yet. But, I think, you know, someone, my friend Sunmi, they replaced me with her,” continued Jessi.

He also added, “But, to be honest, I knew ‘Showterview’ was going to be different after this, because one thing about this show wasn’t actually scripted. When they gave me the script, I didn’t care, and went my own way.”

Jesi then added, “Please continue to support Sunmi as well as ‘Showterview’. Even though I didn’t know I would be replaced, you know I learned this from fans. I was like ‘Ah really?’ when I first heard it. However, I no longer feel hurt, because in the end the show has to go on.”

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On her last episode with ‘Showterview’, Jessi had revealed that she would take a break from the program, and promised to come back with a better version.

That’s why he was surprised when he learned from fans that his position as MC had been replaced.

However, Jessi remained heartened, and asked fans to continue to support Sunmi and ‘Showterview’. What do you think?