July 2, 2022


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suck! This Mother Walks the River with the Sar Team to Find Her Drowned Child

The love of a mother which is said to be a proverb of all time is true. However the child, a mother still wants to always be with him.

Recently circulated on social media a touching video of a mother’s struggle to find her child who was swept away in the river. The video was uploaded by the social media account Instagram say.viideo.

“A mother’s tireless sacrifice in hopes of finding her child,” written in the video as quoted by Yoursay.id, Saturday (18/06/2022).

Video footage shows a mother accompanied by two members of the Joint SAR Team along the river. They groped under a large rock in the middle of the river to find the mother’s child.

The mother was assisted by a search and rescue team who held her hand trying to look into the big rock. The mother’s face looked sad at the thought of the whereabouts of the child who was swept away in the river and had not been found until the seventh day.

Mother’s Struggle

The struggle of a mother along the river to find her child who was washed away. (Instagram/say.video)

Based on a search from Yoursay.id, this mother’s child named Ikhsan Maulana was swept away in Lubuk Tongga, Sungai Bangek, Balai Gadang Village, Koto Tangah District, Padang City, West Sumatra with two friends, Saturday (11/06/2022). Two of Ikhsan’s friends were found dead.

However, until now only Ikhsan has not been found. A group of classmates and Ikhsan’s teacher came to the scene to witness the search process on this seventh day.

Friends and teachers also pray for and provide moral support for Ikhsan’s parents who are always at the search post. The Joint SAR team today brought in heavy equipment to lift rocks to speed up the search for Ikhsan.

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Netizens who watched the video of the mother of the 16-year-old teenager also felt sad. Warganet also prays for Ikhsan to be found soon.

“It hurts my heart to see a mother lose her child, her flesh and blood, half her breath,” said one netizen.

“Hopefully your baby will be found soon, ma’am,” another prayer.

“O Allah, ma’am, I hope the child will be found soon, ma’am, in good health,” added another.

“Hopefully there will be a miracle ma’am,” said another netizen.