August 8, 2022

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suck! Confess to my sister sad to know the reason my sister always fails to go to the aisle

Marriage is not a race that must be rushed. However, when someone has failed several times to get to the aisle, it certainly becomes a sad thing.

Maybe people who experience it always try to be strong but those closest to them feel sad. Recently, there has been a lot of buzz on social media about the story of a sister who is sad after knowing the reason why her sister always fails to make it to the aisle.

This sister’s statement about her brother’s problem was sent to the social media account Instagram In the upload, the younger brother said that the man who was close to his brother always backed off when he was taken seriously to the aisle.

The younger brother said that his older sister is now 29 years old. They are four brothers.

He is 25 years old, the third child is 16 years old, and the last child is 10 years old. Their father had died.

Since her father’s death, her older sister has been the backbone of the family. The younger brother told him that his older brother’s age, which was in his late teens, made him worried.

The older brother is not married, let alone several times failed to go to the aisle with men who are with him. The younger brother initially thought that the older brother was too picky.

However, he was sad after urging his brother to tell him about the reason he always failed to make it to the aisle.

“It turned out that my sister informed that she had been introduced several times to friends of her close friends and tried to find a serious partner, but it was always stopped when she told me honestly that she was the eldest child and the backbone of our family,” said the sister as quoted by, Thursday (04/08/2022).

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The Reason Men Leave Is Always the Same

The man who marries his sister always backs off when he finds out she is the breadwinner of the family. (Instagram/

The older brother is always honest about the condition of his family to his future partner. Where he still bears the school for his 2 younger siblings.

Therefore, the brother asked his candidate if they were married to still allow him to work. The younger brother felt even more sad after hearing his mother and sister’s conversation in the kitchen by accident.

“If someone wants to be with you, just accept it. Don’t think about mom and sister. Surely there will be luck later. Mom’s happiness is seeing her child happy,” said mom.

“If it’s a match, it will be made easier. Just pray for it, mom. Because my sister’s happiness right now is to see mom and sister happy and happy,” said the brother.

The younger brother actually knew his brother was sad in his heart. However, the younger brother could not do much. What is certain is that his brother is the best role model for him.

This sister’s story about her older sister brought netizens to tears. Warganet also prays that the brother will soon find a mate who accepts him as he is.

“I read it while crying, I hope that her brother will get a mate, yes, amen, God,” netizen’s prayer.

“This is the first time I’m ‘happy’ to see the comments here, please. Hopefully everything will be made easier, amen,” said another.

“Her sister is really good, I pray that her mate will be as good, pious and can live side by side with you and your family, amen,” other netizens’ comments.

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