August 8, 2022

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Successfully Released Jack In The Box Album, J-Hope BTS Leaks Next Plans

J-Hope BTS recently sat down with a magazine Rolling Stones to talk about his future plans as a solo artist, following his successful debut with the album Jack In The Box.

Koreaboo launched on Tuesday (2/8/2022), Jack In The Box is J-Hope’s solo debut album which consists of 10 songs in it, without including any featuring artists.

According to J-Hope, he deliberately did not invite other artists to collaborate on this debut album because he wanted to emphasize individuality and build a solid foundation for his musical style.

That doesn’t mean J-Hope won’t open up the desire to collaborate for his next album project.

“I realize that I am a little arrogant, maybe I am not proficient, and have little experience. However, I learned a lot through this album. You could say this album means a lot to me,” said J-Hope.

Now that he has built a solid foundation for his own music genre, J-Hope is ready to think about collaborating with other artists. Although he doesn’t have any plans yet, he wants to have a project that will showcase his greatest strength, which is dancing.

J-Hope explained, “I don’t have plans to collaborate yet, but it is one of my strongest ambitions. I am open to plans like this in the future. If I have to do a collaboration project in the future, I want to show my strongest weapon, which is dancing,” explained J-Hope.

So far, J-Hope BTS has collaborated once as a solo artist, namely through the song ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ with artist Becky G. He finally had the opportunity to perform the song on stage Lollapalooza three years after the song was released.

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It looks like J-Hope fans should be getting ready for a possible future collaboration project. Of course, there are many good artists from South Korea and international artists who want to work with J-Hope. Fans just have to wait for the good news.

That was a snippet of J-Hope BTS’s interview with a magazine Rolling Stones about his future plans after successfully making his solo debut through the album ‘Jack In The Box’. What do you think?